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FJR1300 stock exhaust drilled out

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by raven, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Has anyone out there with an FJR1300 tried drilling out the baffles with a few holes to give the them a bit nicer sound?

    Or did it just ruin the cans..?

    Given the pricetag of a set of Staintunes etc, I am just wondering about a cheaper way out for a little bit better sound.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


  2. The person that can answer you is tones, I will send him a PM and let him know your question.
  3. Hmmm....cant say I know of people doing this. I have heard that not a lot is to be gained as the baffle is fairly complex in the stockies. The staintunes are certainly lighter and more of a straight thru kinda muffler.

    Hope that helps.....if I can help I shall

  4. Ok, thanks for the reply guys.
    In one way I really like the turbine quiet of the stock set up, but there are times when I'd love to hear a nice "note". :)

    No use ruining the OEM System just to see what would happen.

    I'll just have to save up my dosh. :)

  5. And they sound very sweet on your bike!
  6. I believe the Stain tunes have removable silencers in them. So with them in the are quiter, but take them out and you get the full effect of the note!!
  7. The baffles in factory VTR Firestorm pipes are regularly drilled out with excellent resulting sound :) No damage at all to the pipe.
  8. How funny, only last night I went to Bunnings to buy a drill bit to drill out the pipes on the Firestorm. The bit for metal was like 68 bucks , so I bought the cheaper one for 20 bucks. The guy said I would get one use out of the blade before it carked it. I couldnt do it, it wouldnt cut through the metal. When i take the bike in for a new tyre, they should be able to do it for me?
  9. Yeah, same thing with a guy that did it recently except he went through 2 bits before he went back for the expensive one that could do the job :) Send a PM to cbrdno - he'll give you all the details.
  10. The removable plugs in my staintunes make bugger-all difference... Just so ya know! Still, they sound great without being loud.
  11. Thx kindly :D

    Yes the staintunes can have the baffles in or out. The diff between in and out is small at idle, but greater as the revs increase I have found. Staintune say that there is no need to rejet, or adjust fuel injection from stock with their mufflers. Some would say even factory settings arnt always spot on, but I do know that with some systems/pipes there is other mods required as well.

  12. Yes standard HSS bits dont work well on stainless. The expensive bits are the go.

  13. And whatever ya do .. drill/cut it sloooooowww with some sorta cutting lubricant/oil if poss ... many varieties of stainless have a tendency to work harden with the heat generated from machining!!!

    If drilling .. start with a small diameter "pilot" bit (again running the drill slower than ya would for mild steel) .. 3-4mm or similar .. this gives clearance for the "land/tip" of the larger drillbit and reduces the chances of the larger drill bit running off .. scratching parts ya dont want scratched etc