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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by raven, May 27, 2006.

  1. Hi all..
    I have an 05 FJR...Very nice...heeeaps of power, comfortable and I like it alot.

    For some reason I am hankering about the VFR and have been offered a pretty decent deal on on new (05) VFR...

    I like them alot to (especially the sound), but I am not sure if I could live with the fair drop in power, and going from the nice clean shaft drive to the dirty oily chain stuff again.

    Trouble is...I have only like the viffer from afar, and I have not been able to find a demo to ride.

    So, what's everyones thoughts...is the Viffer that much nicer in reality...is it going to feel gutless after the FJR? I'm in a bit of dilemma as I am 50/50 on the whole ordeal, and don't wanna stick myself with something I aint going to enjoy.

    I appreciate that this is all just conjecture as it needs to satisfy my bum in the seat, but I would still appreciate anyone elses comments or thoughts.

    Ta guys.
  2. Yes, in reality they are a very nice bike to ride.
    Given that the HP difference between an FJR and VFR is only ~15, the weight difference will compensate for that, you should find a VFR's power much the same as an FJR, or with the VFR's VTEC possibly even better.
  3. Thanks Mouth...the FJR runs 145ho while the VFR is only 100hp or so (from what I've read)...may be it translats differently is the actually riding experience?
  4. can't help you with your question JGM, but i think i know someone who'd be interested in relieving you of your FJR if you were going down that track :)
  5. Tell him(?) to give me a yell, Carrie. :cool:
    I can't let it go for "nicks", but it would be a good and fair minded price for a top-notch FJR, that has been properly cared for. :)

  6. have a chat with him yourself!!! give movin a call :grin: i'm serious. the more he thought about it after test riding yours, the more he liked the idea. he's away for the wkd so may not be in range til monday (i've already booked him for a phone hook-up sunday night so you're not allowed to interupt then!!).

    lotsaluv, c x
  7. ahahah..ok...I'll stay away on Sunday night. :LOL:
    I'm not completely sure I'll sell it, but it is defintely worth talking about it with him. Perhaps you could mention it if you think to on Sunday, so I won't catch him off guard.
    We'll see where it all leads. :)
  8. Stay with the FJR!!!

    I have ridden both and to me the differences were:

    1. Brakes. The Honda just does not stop as well as the FJR in my opinion.

    2. The Honda does have that V4 that is just liek no other in the way it sounds and performs, but it does lack omph. The torque differences are noticable. You will have to dance throu the box (6 speed) more on teh Honda, as well as keep it buzzing to get the performance. The FJR as you know just pulls like a train.

    3. Ergos are a bit more upright on the FJR and you feel sorta more on top with the Honda, rather than behind with the FJR.

    4. As you have already mentioned the chain V's shaft issue. Although the single sided swingarm is great.

    For me the main thing letting the VFR down is the lack of power. If it was a 1000 or 1200 then it would be a great package. The brakes can be fixed with after market gear. My bro in law summed it up pretty well a while back when he took teh FJR for a ride and said "it is just like a VFR, except it goes and stops!".

    Best of luck with your choice, but certainly a test ride is the best avenue :)

  9. It probably depends on the sort of riding you spend most of your time doing.

    A good friend of mine had an FJR for the past few years. He used it for commuting, but also did quite a lot of touring. When he was shopping for a bike he tried a VFR, but thought it was too harsh for his needs. I remember he also tried an Aprilia Futura, so he started off looking at the sportier sports-tourers and then found the FJR. It suited him very well.

    For someone else, an FJR would be too much of a bus (a very fast bus, but still...). I guess it's a matter of horses for courses.

    After putting lots of kilometres on his FJR, my mate's recently traded it on an ST1300, so I guess that gives you an idea of what he needs in a bike.
  10. G'day Tones...thanks mate...I agree...if it was a 1000cc I think it would be dang near the perfect bike, but as you know and can imagine...letting go of the kind of power the FJR has is a tough thing..
    And yes...I have to agree...the FJR stops like a bloody demon. :)

    Shish...maybe you helped just make my mind up.. Thanks for the direct comparo info on the two bikes mate.

    I'll still ride one (VFR), but I have that niggling feeling that it might be too much of a step down, being so spoilt by the FJR. (as we are) :)
  11. Quite right Grommit...I'm a bit of a tear-arse that likes to be able cruise briskly. (or go to sleep on it during the commute to work) :LOL:

  12. Thanks everyone for the very helpful input...
    I've talked myself into staying with the FJR.
    I love it, so I don't feel like I got the short end of the stick with the decision or anything. I'm happy. :grin:

    Thanks heaps guys.

  13. VF800 - 110 HP, 82 kW, 80 Nm, and 220 Kg
    FJ1300 - 143 HP, 105 kW, 134 Nm, and 285 Kg

    As I said, in real life conditions and ridden properly I think you'll find the weight and engine type differences will mean both bikes are on a par when the real fun kicks-in with the same rider. If you want straightline speed, top speed or 'crusing along' then the FJR is the pick, but if the twisties are more your fun then the VFR would be a better pick.
  14. Your welcome mate. And I agree a test ride will confirm any comparos :)

  15. Yeah...the FJR is a big bike to be throwing through the twisties, I can vouch for that. It does a great job overall but I would think the vfr would handle tighter stuff more easily.
    Thanks mate.
  16. G'Day John,
    I haven't ridden either of them but I'd say stick with your FJR, your bike looks like it gives a bloody comfy ride, it has the good for long distance touring and as you've already stated, it's got the power. Or you could be just one of many on another red viffer :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: No offence Doonks, but do they come in any other colour????????[/b]
  17. G'day Nobby. :)
    Yeah, I must confess, the one I had my eye on was (surprise) red. :grin:
    Not my preference for color, but at least it's not a bad shade of red...(I did see a pic of a silver one from Overseas, that Honda won't import here - now THAT! looked slick!).
  18. The new range comes in Blue and Red (according to the Honda website). But according to the showroom floor at New World Honda in Berwick, they also come in Silver/Grey and Black. The Silver/Grey is a horny horny looking machine !!!
  19. Yeah mate...It sure caught my eye in the pics I saw.
    I think Honda could really light a fire under vfr sales if they brought the silver one in. (And dropped the price a grand) :)
  20. Hi JGM,

    Just thought id throw my 2 cents in here:

    As a rider moving away from the all-out sportsbikes to a sports-tourer id have to stay stick with your FJR. My old man's a member of Ulysees, and quite a few people ride the bike and they all have nothing but praise to say about it.

    TBH, if i had the cash i might be interested in one myself, but as an alternative ive decided an ex-police BMW 1150rt should provide me with everything im looking for.

    One final factor: off the top of my head the price for the panniers alone was around $1.5k, that is something you should factor into your pricing if you do consider switching. but in summary go FJR :)