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FJR on the Black Spur

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by raven, May 28, 2006.

  1. #1 raven, May 28, 2006
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    I had nothing to do and was getting bored, so I uploaded a short vid of a section of a run I took on the Black Spur late this summer.
    Here's the link...

    It's not the highest of quality due to the sites compression algorithms, I suspect, but if you click on the little box at the bottom rh corner of the video window to shrink it down a size it is reasonable. :)
  2. nice apexing :grin:
  3. Thanks a lot John. It's bloody wet out there and now you've made me want to take a run up the spur. :mad: :LOL: :LOL:

    Nice video, looked like you were having a bit of fun up there. :grin:
  4. nice corners john
    love the way ya throw a few hundred kilos around I am definately doing that cornering course mate
    Bloody good riding john :)
  5. Very nice. Have always liked FJRs, must get me a ride on one at some stage. How did you mount that camera? I've got a setup together but not sure where to put it, but I'd like to have it showing dials and front view through the screen like yours.
  6. Do you have a particular course in mind? I'd love to do one myself. :)
  7. Hi Seany..Do the Superbike school - level 1 mate...That's what I did am now looking to go to the level 2 course. (Heck...I'd be happy to repeat level1 again it was so dang good.

    I used to think I was'nt too shabby in the corners, but Superbike school down at PI taught me so much in one day, compared to my 20 years or so of riding that I wished I'd done it 20 years ago.. :shock:

    Don't hesitate...sign up mate...you'll never look back. :grin:
  8. Thanls John, I'll look into it. :)
  9. I have a special mount that I bought that brackets onto the fule tank.
    I'd include a pic for you but dunno ow to put them into posts) In my case (I'd like to see just a little less intrumentation<grin>, but actually it really depends on the style of bike more than anything else. The FJR's instruments are mounted up and in front of the rider more that other bikes - that's why toy see it there.
    IMHO...I don't like vids that don't include the instrument view, as then the viewer has no real point of reference to gauge what the rider is doing.
  10. Yeah, thanks mate...I confess that it is a bit of work out tossing her around but if you can get into a good flow as I seem to manage that day, it's quite rewarding.
    I won't dare show ya the video I took before I did the cornering school though Mick...geesh! :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Did I hear the pegs getting scraped??
  12. Umm after seeing that and hearing nothing but good things about the Superbike school, As soon as they release the next round of dates for the rest of the year ill be booking myself in!


  13. Looks like jgm was paying more attention to the instructors than I did, then! Impressive stuff. :applause:
  14. You big kid you :grin: how much fun was that, next time your asked, why you ride? flip em the video.

    Do you think we could get a discount on the cornering course if we were able to fill the course with Netriders and friends, even if it was weekday?

    I will drop them a line and investigate.....
  15. Nice vid John. The FJR is very much a sleeper with regards to what most people expect. It is great to throw the panniers on and for what many would think is now a mobile chicane, all of a sudden be surprisingly nimble and all with arm chair convienience. It looked like nice smooth lines and the FJR may look heavy, but give it something like the good end of the spur (or even just the long up hill sections) or big sweepers and that motor just hums. Ground clearance can be a prob, but you can work around that.

  16. I feel I must comment on the road lines taken. Excellent.
  17. It can only be described as Excellent.
  18. I'm definitely up for doing that course!! :grin:

    As soon as the July-December Calendar comes up I'll post the dates... hopefully book it with Netriders and see if we can strike up a deal?? If not we'll just make up there whole days booking :wink:
  19. Not sure if the dates have been posted anywhere else yet, might creat another thread just for this to see who's interested??

    Anyway, the July-December '06 dates for the cornering course at PI are:

    Thursday 21st, September - $399
    Friday 22nd, September - $399
    Saturday 4th, November - $429
    Sunday 5th, November - $429
    Monday 20th, November - $399
    Monday 18th, December - $399

    link to the cornering schools at Phillip Island :grin: