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FJR drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. Hi all.
    I'm looking for a forum or group where the Aussie contingent of Yamaha FJR drivers might tend to hang out...Is there one around, or are we all here on NetRider. :)

    Most of the 'spots' that I have found seem based in the USA or Europe.

  2. John, I know of the forums you mention being overseas. I dont know of any FJR specific here in oz. Although the FJR's are becoming more popular. Which is understandable as they are such a fantastic bike :D :D :D

  3. Drivers? DRIVERS?!

    Try *RIDERS* :)
  4. Nah, definitely drivers.

    I've ridden an FJR1300, and it's a bloody bus!

    :? :LOL:
  5. Nah a gold wing is a bus, FJR's are more like a V8 statesman. They are the lightest in their class (when compared to an Honda ST). They are large, but many bikes feel large. Considering what its target market is etc, I think it is a great performer. If I were to compare it to a VFR800 I would say that teh FJR has much more go, better brakes, is heavier and handling would be not far behind a VFR.


    PS of course im not biased :D
  6. I have to agree... they really aren't that far behind the main stream sports tourers in terms of general handling.

    Nothing like a Gold Wing... now that's a bus :)
  7. I don't know a sports tourer around that I can't keep up with without too much fuss..
    The brakes are off the R1, so it stops really good...it runs 140+HP, which is pretty darn powerful, and torquey, It's a big bike, so the weight is to be expected, and helps keep it solid and planted at cruise.
    It's a SPORTS-tourer with more emphasis on "Sports". And a heck of a lot more comfy than many others.