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FJR 1300a

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  1. Wreckaotik submitted a new showcase item:

    FJR 1300a

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  2. Very nice mate. Would love to buy something like this one day.
  3. Looking great mate. I envy the cruise for the freeway.
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  4. Frosted Grey. Looks NICE. :)

    I've a soft spot for the XJR's but this also looks awesome.
  5. I bought my 05 FJR second hand 5 years and 40,000 km's ago. Couple of weekends back I was on my way home from a netrider overnight trip to Warrnambool along the GOR (1000km in 2 days) and I remember thinking to myself as I got near home," I love this bike". Fast, comfortable, reliable, just perfect. (y)
  6. Good choice,awesome bike
    Have a Honda xx,many riders of those bikes do have the FJRs as a second
    preference in mind