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FIZZER Renovation

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by GreyImport, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. .....

  2. Hi Greyimport, your post got auto modded because you need a few more posts before you can put up images. I have manually approved it.
  3. Looks like a fun project XD
  4. Holy schmolly!
    Sure you know what pandoras box you've opened pal?

    Good luck and keep us posted please.


  5. Good luck with that! Can't wait to see the finished product...
  6. Pandora's Box is the word :shock:
  7. Damn that is one nasty bike. Good luck with it!
  8. mother of god.

    This thread makes me want to avoid opening up my VFR. I cant handle the truth!

    But yeah, though FZR250s are rare as hens teeth compared to the 250RR/ZX2R, hopefully you can get it going really well, at least you have a spare parts bike. Look forward to seeing how she turns out!
  9. wow that looks like its going to be hard work mate, good luck!
  10. I'm a nerd, so I saw this:


    But I think I justify myself being a nerd by posting this:

  11. A nice example of why I still laugh when noobies argue that an old 4-cylinder FZR/CBR/etc is "better" than a similarly priced (but newer) VTR/GPX/etc.

    It is impressive how much abuse these old bikes seem to be capable of taking. Good luck with the project, as a big fan of Japanese 250s myself it's always nice to see one saved from "death by newbie" - and I'm now feeling a strong temptation to trying and source an old FZ250 Phazer for myself....(though I'm sure that thought will pass quickly and be replaced by thoughts of boobs)
  12. makes me want to fix mine up.
  13. Oh I love it!

    Me and my brother have owned 3 of the bad boys and done everything from valve clearances to motor swaps. If you need any help let me know. My god do those bikes scream!!!
  14. Looks good mate! I will be subscribing to this thread, very keen to see how this goes :). I have a fzr600 just sitting there waiting for my restrictions to end :)... I contemplate stripping it down each weekend..
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  15. Heyyy what year 600? I had one of those things too! LOVE IT
  16. 94 buddy
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