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fixing up some things on my cbr

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by cleanhands, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    having dropped my bike a few times the little cbr has taken some damage, minor damages (still is fine mechanically), but I'd like to clean it up.

    So the engine cap is badly scratched (that isss the engine cap right?), is there any way to fix it up?

    also one of the bar ends came out on the side I dropped my bike, and the little part inside which you screw it into (whatever its called) came out. I can still screw in the bar end but its not held as securely. Any ideas?

    I've uploaded pics to help.

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  2. Not sure on the bar-end, but on the engine cover, you could take it off, sand down the scrapes and have it resprayed.
    Or you can source a new one from Honda, and if memory serves me right, its not too expensive.
    Either way, you'll need a new gasket and oil.

    The bolt in the centre is also available. I had mine replaced when I got my valve clearances checked.
  3. bar ends are just as cheap to replace
  4. nah engine covers are over 150 buks i believe from honda
  5. and dont even bother with the engine cover...just about every 250RR has a fukd cover one side or other or even both

    get some aftermarket bar ends, i think they look better than the stockies anyway.
  6. make sure the bar ends that you buy are not so-called light weight!!.. these bar ends are heavy for a reason, they stop the handlebars from vibrating and making your hands numb...
  7. ](*,) sand those scapes down and ull have half an engine cover with a hole in it.

    To do it on the cheap
    Fill the scrapes with liquid metal, sand prep respray with engine gloss enamel.
    The bolt u can sand down and polish till the scrapes are gone.
    Theres batter ways of doing it but this will only cost ya $20. No need to take it off if you can tape everything of well. patience is key.