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fixing up slight scratches

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. Well due to the idiotic taxi driver who cut me off and putting the bike on the ground, it's resulted in a couple minor scratches on a fairing, no dents or bent levers etc. So that's kinda ok, just wondering where I should go to try to get paint touch up to fix the the scratches. Can anyone point me to shops/people to see + ask please for this?

  2. Wazza,

    These guys get a pretty good rating from most folks who need some paint/panel work done and they are a netrider partner too so you get a 15% discount

    copy and pasted from the Partners page:

    15% off all labour charges Plastic Welding, Frame Straightening, 2Pac Baked Enamel, Pick Up & Delivery Service, 3 year Warranty

    Original Finish Bike Repairs

    Fact 49/65 Canterbury Road
    Kilsyth Vic 3137

    Phone: (03) 9761 8033
    Fax: (03) 9761 8044

    Hope you get it fixed up good as new!

  3. Cheers mate for the info but I thought I wouldn't need it to get 'fixed' so to speak? Just find out how to get paint to match the fairing (such as a touch up pen?) and then I'd sand the couple little scratches to be even and use touch up to make it look (almost) invisible/like new.
  4. I think your best bet would be trying PS to see if truimph have a touch up pen in your colour...otherwise you will need the paint code and a paint supplier/spray painter can make some up for you...although it will probably come in a can.
  5. If scratches aren't deep, one of those paint cut & polish products should be ok.

    Gotta watch out for taxi [drivers]. I think a half of them can't drive or are very tired from driving all day or night. I know three people whose bike accidents involved a taxi. :eek:
  6. How deep are the scratches?

    There is putty available which you can wipe on fairings that fills in hollows and scratches etc - you just give it a sand when it's dry to make it nice and smooth, then undercoat and paint over it.

    Trouble is, if you want to repaint it's going to look crap if you just do a small patch. Professional paint repairs involve sanding back a much larger area than what is affected so that your paint-work doesn't look patchy.

    If it's small touch-up stuff, I would seriously recommend taking it somewhere to be professionally done.

    By the time you invest in matched paint, putty, sandpaper, half a weekend, spray gear [unless you can borrow] it's blown the time way out, and the cost wouldn't be far off.
  7. My advice to you is get it fixed professionally. If you try do a touch up job it could turn to shit completely. You have to ask yourself in the end though how much does your bike mean to you.. :grin:
  8. Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings
    Unit 14/59 Hudson Rd
    Spotswood 3015

    Another good place to get a pro job.

    Can't help with the DIY.

    Bugger to hear about the new bike being scratched.
  9. *grin* exactly. That's why I want to do the repair. It's my baby, I wanna tend to her wounds when I can. Same with my child. I'd help them for anything small but anthing 'big' I would take them to a health professional. If it was anything I considered near major I would take it to a professional to fix. :)

    Well if it comes to me finding out I can't fix it myself I will see a pro so any advice for DIY or seeing a pro is appreciated.
  10. paint

    Go and see Dave,next door to Gassit motorcycles(81 Station St,Fairfield),He can computer match paint for bikes specifically,he'll supply paint &/or all the info you need
  11. Re: paint

    Thanks! That sounds like brilliant info :grin:
  12. can anyone recommend a cut and polish for a hairline scratch on my black hyosung gt250 ?