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fixing up an RGV

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Androo, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. okay, here's the deal.. i found a possible bike for my friend, bit of a fixer-uppera

    its a 92 rgv250 that appears to be running on 1 cylinder

    it starts easily with some choke, idles smoothly (without choke)

    at idle, the top pipe stays cold (the lower pipe was happily puffing steam when it was cold). if i crack open the throttle, it would stall. but if i open the throttle gradually, it would start puffing steam from both pipes and not stall or anything. the owner claims it might be a powervalve, but i'm not familiar enough to know for sure

    basically, the question is - does it sound fixable?
  2. With a gallon of petrol, and a match, yes!!!
    Ask the owner to change the spark plugs for brand new plugs. If it then starts and runs on both pots, it MIGHT be worth it. If it doesn't start with new plugs, walk away!!
  3. Start with the basics. An engine needs air/fuel, compression & spark to run. You can try what hornet suggested or simply pull the plugs, earth them out, kick & watch for spark. Then you can replace them if need be. Check for fuel in the carbies -not just the tank. Then check for compression. If you have all 3 it should run. Not really familiar with RGV's but would suspect the powervalves should go through a test cycle as the ignition is switched on. The only other thing that can go wrong is they can crack & collect the piston.
  4. apparently it isnt the plugs

    i wanted to check the carbs, but not knowing the buyer very well, it would be a bit wierd.

    any idea how to test if it's the powervalves?
  5. Like I said, I'm not familiar with RGV's but if they run electronically controlled power valves they will go through a test cycle when the ignition is switched on. There will be a stepper motor somewhere with a pulley & cable setup running to the exhaust ports of both cylinders. You should see & hear these moving. A workshop manual will detail how far etc. The only other thing you can do is pull the power valves out & visually inspect them for cracks.
  6. if the power valves break, is it likely that there will be damage to anything else?
  7. Yeah on some of the models the power valves can actually drop into the cylinders causing fairly fatal damage.

    Check out this site it will answer all your questions