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Fixing up an old Ag bike?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by MYOMNOMS, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Hello ladies and Gentlemen,

    I come to you this evening seeking advice:

    Would this bike be worth fixing up? it's a 1983 Yamaha AG-200. It has a speedo that busted at about 80,000km, but it hasn't seen much use since it broke, so it'd be one 100,000km at the most. It has a "custom" muffler (A saucepan with the lid welded on) and the electronics are long gone.

    The engine and mechanics are still in great form, and has been well-treated. My dad had bought it new years ago, So I know it's full history.

    I just wanted to know if it's worth fixing up to get a rec license for so I can have a bush basher or is it too far gone?

    ,Thanks for any advice, all is appreciated here!


  2. Yes I reckon it's worth doing up, I'm sure there are people who have fixed up bikes that were much worse for wear.
  3. For what purpose?
    I did plenty of paddock miles on one of these in my youth - perfect for getting the cattle in and zipping "over the back" to where the baler was operating, but not built for jumping or other "recreational" pursuits.
    I'd put this back in the shed after milking and take out the RM80 for fun...
  4. I'm mostly wanting to do it because a) I learnt to ride on it and b) it's there, rusting away. but I wouldn't use it for much serious off-roading, just sort of exploring around parks and such.
  5. Better get to work then - lots of bent bits to straighten...
  6. Hey, if it starts and runs, no reason you can't have some fun on it. Looks like a great bush basher!

    As NK said, just don't try doing any stunts with it :)
  7. I LOVE that exhaust!!!

    IMHO the old ag would make a perfectly useable bush-basher, slow heavy, etc but beats siitting at home playing xbox!
  8. Ah a fellow bogan I see. hahaha :p
  9. Y'know what? Maybe it's nostalgia, but I have very happy memories of these things: simple, reliable, go-almost-anywhere.
    Since it obviously means something to you, I say go for it!
    And if you can swing the "muffler" around 90 degrees, you could even cook your lunch on it...
  10. Sad news, I just traded it in and got $350 of a ninja. Well, I guess it's easier than fixing it up, better to pawn it off to a dealer haha
  11. Soft!

    Should have got more for it, that muffler alone was worth $350 :)
  12. Yeah, custom made from caterers warehouse! :p