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Fixing the Muffler

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by vomitbmob, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Last night had a young bloke turn into me while I was passing and hit the back of my bike. He only creased/dented the muffler a bit and left some surface scratching right along it which could prob be buffed out or something.

    I was chatting to a bike mechanic who said people generally replace the muffler in this situation, but I should bring it around for him to see.

    Was wondering if anyone has had similar damage fixed? how much? etc.. I realise it's kind of hard without a picture but I'll try to get one up.
  2. It depends as to if there was any internal damage.
  3. It sounds exactly the same as before, no rattles or anything so I thought that'd be a good indication that nothing inside had been damaged, I'm just guessing though.

    The crease is prob a little less than 1cm deep and extends about 10cm.
  4. I have a little dent in the pipe of my bike (can be seen in photo in garage) Theres no paint missing so it's no concern. It sounds about the same size as your one.

    Because mine is purely cosmetic, I don't see a point in fixing.
  5. Yeah I'm not too keen on riding around with a dented muffler though.

    So anyone know what my options are?
  6. Get a quote for a replacement, remember it wasnt like this b4!

    Contact him again and say here is the cost of the damage you caused and get them to pay for it. Who doesnt look at the muffler of a bike! I shouldnt talk tho cause the muffler of my old suzuki across looked like a cigar that had been dabbed out in the ash tray a few times :p
  7. i'm in the same boat i'm wondering what my options are with my zzr... and to make things worse i have to replace both mufflers... oh well i'll see where this topic goes and see if you find a good solution, i was actually gonna see if i can get a price on re skinning the exhausts but we'll see..
  8. well i got a price from melbourne motorcycle fairings and for my zzr250 it is going to cost $100 each.