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NSW Fixing the bike after a crash (not through insurance)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jslim1008, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. I posted here couple of months ago regarding my crash...
    So basically, i got T-boned by a car at a fairly low speed.
    I only had the CTP on my bike at the time of my accident, so I don't even know whether it was a write-off or not.
    But the Police report didn't mention anything about the bike being not road-worthy, so I got the bike repaired, couple of cracked left cowlings, engines tested and all, but with one problem, there was a few paint scratches on left side of the bike frame (Ninja 300) above the gear shifters.

    I know frame damage = immediate write off
    But this is my question. I got the RMS vehicle inspection, and they gave me clearance and i've been riding it for 2k now...
    Was I supposed to tell RMS about the Left side impact? And is it illegal to fix the bike not through insurance after a crash if Police didn't mention anything about the Motorcycle not being roadworthy?
  2. From a practical point of view I wouldn't be worried about frame damage if its paint scratches, but if an insurance assessor looked at it because you were claiming for damage (from the other driver), then it may well have been written off. I'm guessing you're not claiming from the other driver, and anyway if you've fixed it yourself its probably too late now as the damage can't be assessed.
    No reason you can't continue to ride it now, just paint over the scratch to prevent corrosion.
  3. Police are not trained nor experienced in determining the road worthiness of a bike relevant to the frame (unless of course it is snapped etc or damaged in a major way) and if there was anything of concern the AUVIS or RMS inspectors would have noted it. Scratches are not anything to worry about from a safety perspective, and just so you know, not all frame damage results in automatic write off. Frames, including alloy ones can be repaired.
  4. If you were 't-boned' by a car, then the car was at fault ???

    Why would you not go the full "replace my bike, gear, loss of mobility & income, pain and suffering" route if the other party is paying ???
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  5. Maybe the other party isn't paying, if the bike blew a stop sign/red light and got T-boned by a passing car??