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fixing scratches

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Snowman, May 2, 2009.

  1. hey guys ive got some scratches up both sides of my bike which, for the time being, ive 'fixed' with electrical tape :p but want to make it look a bit better. i cant really afford to get it resprayed (how much is it roughly anyway?) so was wondering if touch up paint would look ok? or just go over the scratched bits with some black gloss spray paint maybe.

    its just a minor cosmetic annoyance, cheers for any advice.

  2. scratches or cracks? if its scratches why tape?
  3. its got tape on it to hide the scratches because the undercoat is bright yellow, sticks out pretty bad on a black bike.
  4. Depends how fussy you are - spray-can gloss will still look pretty dull compared to 'proper' paint - you need a couple of coats and then a few coats of acrylic clear top coat to get close. Even then the touched up areas will look different to the original bits, so unless you are prepared to do the whole panel, or even the whole bike, it's still going to look scrappy. Add to that the physical scratching, which will still be visible under new paint, and you have to add sanding time and effort to the job as well.

    Have a search through the forum and you'll find a few write-ups of paint jobs, and I'm sure there are several people who can give you more useful info than I can.

    Can't tell you what pro painting costs as I've never had it done, but I have done a backyard rattle can job on a whole bike and it is a bit of a pain in the ar$e unless you have the gear and a garage (neither of which I had - wind blown crud and dog hair drove me mad!) Note the difference between the tank and the side cover here:

  5. Go to supercrap auto and buy some touch up paint. Get the ones that look similar to lipstick container , has a fine brush inside , you should be able to apply just a small amount of paint over those scratches.
  6. Black permanent marker

    to repair the panel properly would cost u about $150-300
  7. Heard good things about black boot polish
  8. how big are the scratches?

    if they arent all that big, perm marker it and wax over ~ oldbell's idea