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Fixing my VTR after the asphalt violated it

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by tomohawk, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. As some may know I stacked my new VTR on wednesday, and I'm about to get quotes for its repair. I'm a bit terrified by the fact that i have a $700 insurance excess in front of me, so I'm thinking it worth getting a repair quote done separately before i claim.

    Does anyone know a good repairer to get a quote from? I'm very strapped for cash right now, and i'm a bit worried that the frame may be bent, as a rider mate who rode it home for me after the accident was going on about how everything was on a weird angle.....

    So, does anyone know a good repairer, or would anyone here like to have a look at it for me (I'd compensate ya for your time of course)?

  2. Unlikely to be a bent frame from that speed bingle.

    More likely the forks are twisted a little in the triple clamps.

    Look up and down the fork legs from the side - they should be parallel all the way from top to bottom. Check out one edge at a time, either front or rear.

    Loosen the top and bottom clamps on the steering top yoke and steering stem (the upper and lower mounting/clamping points for the forks. Loosen means to just undo the bolt by half a turn or so. Too much and the fork legs will drop through.

    Then straddle the front wheel with your knees gripping it in the straight-ahead position, with your hands on the bars. (You are facing the bike at this point - it's a bit like steer wrestling ;-) I'm sure you will also see one bar is further forward than the other at this point.

    Now twist the bars to straighten the fork legs. You will probably need to twist the forks past the straight-ahead position just to untwist them fully.

    Once you are sure they are straight (check from the side again, looking at one edge at a time from top to bottom) tighten the clamps again.


    Trevor G
  3. Thanks for that mate!

    With my shoulder recovering from its dislocation I may get a mate to do that for me ;)
  4. Most likely the handlebars are gone $170, gear/brake levers $40, hand levers $25, headlight casing $70, instrument casing about $100 for each part, the wheels may be bent, but doubt it. Forks can be fixed and you might as well get them serviced with new springs (to match your weight) and oil while you're at it. The battery may go if you let it sit for too long.

    Post up a pic of some of the damage and we might be able to give you an idea. The vtr is easy to work on, had one in bits several times!
  5. Bring 'er round to a spanner night and a few of us can take a look and start making a list.
  6. That was going to be my suggestion. Loz will even check it's monobility free of charge :p
  7. If you need a proper repairer close to you, for insurance purposes or whatever, try Johnson Cycle Tune in Market St, Sth Melb. 96991717.