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Fixing my Kawasaki ZX2R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by summers000, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. hey people this is my first post on this forum.

    well ive been riding for about a year now, i have a kawasaki zx2r. The other day i was out for a ride on saturday when i was overtaking a car, they switched lanes on me with out indicating and i ended up going into the back of them.

    So the outcome of this is im sitting here with a broken arm, 12 stitches in the left leg and 2 in my right leg. My bike is still in my girlfriends old mans bike trailer, it is fairly badly damaged most of the right han side fairings, front gaurd, front fairing. The police have decided it is 50/50 on who caused the crash, this means i have to fix my bike myself and i only have 3rd party insurance.

    So i was wondering if anyone on here knows where i could find some of the parts i need, mainly fairings and a new screen.
  2. Looks like it a case of ringing around the local wreckers.
  3. yea problem is there are no local bike wreakers here that i know of (small town) oh well. ill try that site thanks.
  4. hope you have a fat wallet:D
  5. new front fairing i got quoted was 280$ thats not including new paintjob

    that waws from findapart.com i think.

    i imagine they are all priced the same frrom everywhere just depends if you want fibreglass or plastic.

    good luck fixing up your bike.. they r pretty things..
  6. streetfigter time 8)

    but if you must fix it all, then yeah, findapart is a good start. you could also see if you can pick up some race glass, thats normally cheap as chips :D
  7. yea i was asuming its gona cost abit lol. anyone know a place that sells "raceglass" for the zx2r?

    i think u might be right coconuts 250cc streetfighter lol. anyone got pics of 250's done up streetfighter style?
  8. You might be in luck. Just so happens I have a mate who I knwo did have a newly painted nose cone and underbelly for a ZX2. Ill give him a call and see if he still ahs them (he no longer has the bike so they were just taking up room in his shed).
  9. Nope....he got rid of em...
  10. try wet4u racing. 0416 215 134
    mirage 08 9493 2742 (WA)
    racer's edge (don't know the number)

    They all do "race glass"

    Good place to start.
  11. damn thanks for tryin though
  12. have a look at my website, i've made my zx7r naked :D
  13. cool pics on ya site mate. ill let u know if i end up building a baby fighter lol. i was planing on building a 600 fighter in a about 6 months when i get my full licence.
  14. ahhh, already on the right track i see :wink:

    no harm in getting some practice in on the wee bike, you can always keep the SF bits for the 600 and fix the wee one back up to sell when it comes to it :D
  15. I do plastic welding... I could help you out... though from expiriance ZXR250 crach.... badly and repairs are difficult...
  16. Bad luck with that, hope you're alright all things considered. Had a similar crash, similar damage to the bike at least, on my mate's ZX2R a couple of weeks ago. For what it's worth getting the fairings replaced by a shop probably isn't worth it - the quote my friend took to the driver's insurance company was $2800... but good luck with it all anyway, hope you're on the mend soon.
  17. yea ill be doing all the work myself except for the painting ive got a few quotes for parts and looks like about a grand.