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Fixing fairing with huge crack

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jc212, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. There is an 3ln-1 fzr250 i'm interested in that has a huge crack on the right side fairing.. It looks like there is no chips of fairing missing and I was wondering if it can be welded back together again? Or would it just be cheaper to replace the fairing? But it's a custom paint job (solid colour) and respray will be expensive no? :LOL:

  2. It can be Plastic welded back together, still costs a bit but generaly less then replacement fairings.

    Be very carefull buying a damaged bike, there can be much more then the cosmetic damage that you can see.

    Perhaps find a local place that does the repairs then organise to take the whole bike in for quote and inspection before you buy it. Then theres no nasty suprises.
  3. Yeah i'm planning to take a biker-mate down there to check that it's mechanically OK. The cosmetic damage doesn't really bother me that much as long as the bike runs well. It's just.. you know.. the sexiness is hampered!
  4. If your strapeed for cash, I can weld it up for you np.(if it's plastic) Plastic needs to be identified and score the right filler rods but welding never has 100% strength again in plastic.

    After paying someone to spray it up, it may be easier/cheaper to get a decent one from a wrecker.
  5. There was thread recently about the product called Plastex for plastic repair.
  6. That'd be great saintan, i'll hold ya to that. :)
    Are you some kind of plastics expert? It would be good if you could teach me how to weld plastic if it's not too troublesome for you/difficult for me.
    The fairing of the fzr has been resprayed so i'm not sure whether it is the new plastic replicas or the originals. I'd rather have the cracks welded then replace the fairing and respray because of the difference in $$$!

    By the way are the original fairings made of plastic? :?:
  7. Not an expert, but it's trade related (passed the test)and I just happen to have a plastic welder is all. (no it is not borrowed from Tech)

    heres how it all works, destructive testing of the plastic to identify it (burn small shaveings usualy) and then buy appropriate plastic filler rods.

    Prepare the crack by "V"ing it out, tack weld then seem welded.

    Damn it all sounds so easy, till you actualy need it done : )

    pm me and we will start to work it out.

    Edit~ are they made of plastic? You differentiate between plastic/fibreglass by the texture inside the fairing (back, not shiny painted side).

    I doubt it's Kevlar (on your own if it is) but fibreglass will usualy have a course texture on the back of the fairing, smooth one side and course the other.

    Plastic is smooth both sides, fibreglass will have a very "raggedy/stringy" crack while plastic will be a clean crack.
  8. Due to pm'd interest, I'll explain a bit more so there is no doubt/confusion on what help I can offer.

    Q~Is my cracked fairing plastic and weldable? (only thermo plastics weldable)
    A~Plastic has sharp clean edges along the crack while fibre glass has a feathery/stringy/hairy appearance along the crack.Fibre glass can tend to crack in a more "slither type" fashion.

    So far so good? It's plastic right?

    To weld it, you need access to the back of the fairing preferably. This means removal and strip for good access from behind.

    A part that just cracked from supposed old age will crack again after it's welded. This is because a plastic weld never achieves 100% strength. If it cracked once and you don't make it stronger then it will crack again beside the weld.

    I'll be useing a flexible epoxy resin after welding on my fairing to form a kind of inner skin, about 5 mm thick should give the extra reinforcement I need but this will be your problem to reinforce it.

    I suspect the plastic glue a lot are raveing about could be used to reinforce the fairing after it's welded.

    Accident damage does not neccessarily need reinforceing, if it didn't crack itself like above then just a repair may be adequate.

    Finaly after welding/reinforceing, it will need a lick of body filler before you get it sprayed up.

    Thats the help I offer, welding only and maybe advice. I'm not going to get into fully finishing, Thats only for close freinds with exceptional machines.(no I'm not issueing friend application forms)

    Time~ it would take me a few days, identify the plastic, public transport to sydney for filler rods, prepare then weld. I have some spare time, varies week to week.
  9. Slightly of topic

    Satin do you know where i can buy replacement plastic welding rods. I DIY all my plasitic repairs but dont know where to get PP plastic rod and some other ones that didnt come standard with my welding gun. Wester suburbs sydney

    Thanx in advance
  10. Pop down to your local friendly wreckers and ask them for some throwaway bits of fairing (or, if they're unfriendly, go skip diving at night). Just cut this up into strips and use them as your rods.

    As for a welding device, I use a weller gas powered soldering iron with the hot air attachment. works a charm.