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Fixing broken plastic bits on the fairing ducktail..

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Grunge, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Just what the topic says:

    My ZXR has 2 part that's broken, and it's in the left and right side-ducktail area, where the bit where it allows you to screw it in and hold to the body is broken.

    I do have a piece of it for one side, but the other looks like I'm going to have to "putty" in from scratch (I don't even know if I've said it right!)

    do I just glue this part in or do I have got to go to someone to get it professionally fixed, it's nowhere easily seen or cosmetic, as the screw hides it, I'd just like to be able to screw it in nicely is all.

    any help anyone? :]
  2. Hey Andy have you got pics of it that you can upload of where it's broken??

    Just make it a bit easier to see where exactly it is broken...
  3. Aaron, I'll put it up tonight when I get home... Ta! :]
  4. Okies hommes, here it is the pics:

    This one is one of the side panel and I do have the "missing piece" it was in the storage compartment under my bike seat, lucky.. so maybe I can just glue it back? Just got to find the right glue...:


    THis is the 2nd one, and a close up of it... You and see on the right corner, I just wanted to show people where it is in relation to the plates.



    Hope you guys can help!
  5. Ditto :)

    And if you have one side you can use the plastex mould to make an exact copy for the other side.
    If you don't want to buy it off their website peter stevens have it in their MX area.
  6. Kewl.. Do you guys know how much I would need to repair the pictures I've shown?
    For the first pictures I've shown, I've got the missing bit so I guess I just have to glue it on, but on the bottom of the ducktail i have to "make" a new piece....
  7. Yup, their small kit would be heaps. But I think the bigger kit (About $75) has a bigger moulding piece.

    Works very well. Just don't get the solvent on your paint.

    You can also buy it from bikemart and get the partner discount...
  8. I bought the plastex master kit (large one) for $70 delivered from the UK off Ebay. Top shtuff.
  9. Okies.. I've bought the small plastex kit... but the instructional cd doesn't work.. I think I'm gunna need help on this. I'm not 100% sure how to mould the bottom ducktail. I think I'll a little of it to "glue" back the side fairing piece (that's how it can work too right?)

    I know I'm going to have to use the mould for the bottom ducktail, I'm not too sure how, the paper instruction is kinda... vague.... Grrr...
  10. Ok Grunge,

    With the piece you still have...

    1. Take off your ducktail, clean the broken surfaces well with water
    2. Grove with a drill bit (Use a counter sink bit & practice this on something else first), bevel the broken edges on the non-painted fairing side.
    3. Then tape the piece pack into place (Using the tape on the painted side)
    4. Pour in the plastex powder into your grooved areas
    5. Add solvent sparingly until powder goes clear
    6. Leave for an hour and add more plastex as require to strengthen the join.

    For the area requiring moulding...

    1. Heat up the mould piece (the black strip in the pack)
    2. If you can mould the shape off the other side*
    3. Repeat steps 3-6 above, but build the plastex up more slowly, with the mould on the tail.

    Goodluck.... :) It works well, I fixed a ZZR250 up after it had a major front ender with a pole and it came up ace!

    * Or if really needed, ring around and try to get a busted tail from a wreckers to mould the piece or cut out the complete piece and use the plastex to join it to your tail (Most wreckers if they have one will let you have it for free or about $5-10)
  11. Yeah there is two ways to use it,
    (First of all pm me your address and i'll send you my disk)
    Dremel or drill away the crack from the back to make a small groove, then tape up the front so none gets let through.

    1.(slow and precise method). Attach needle to the applicator bottle( fill it with the liquid) & pour the powder into the little containers. hen using the needle and liquid drop one or two drops into the powder and use the needle to pick up that drop and apply it to the crack.

    2. (fast but posibly messy method). As suggested before, pour the powder in and then using the applicator bottle add single drops to the powder til its all moist (but not saturated).

    Let it dry and go for your life.