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Fixing Beryl's suspension

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by oz_johnno, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. hey

    I went for a rid with the bmw club on sunday, hit a bump and was still bouncing up and down 300m later. I thought this is the universe telling me I need a suspension upgrade.

    SO, I went on line to munich motorcycles and ordered a YSS suspension unit, progressive fork springs and a new set of fork seals.

    does anyone out there know how many fork seals there are in a set of R65 forks ??

    I also was after advice as to what weight fork oil to put in. I also saw a set of YSS valves (like gold valves I would imagine, they certainly cost as much).

    Do you think its worth putting these in as well while I have it all apart ??


  2. What year are we talking Johno? I have a Clymer manual and it describes several versions of fork. The two sets specifically referring to an R65 is either a '78-85 R65 or a 86-87 R65. (I thought they were made later than that???) Either way if I am interpreting the diagrams right it appears to be only one seal.

    Happy to copy and send you relevant pages, if you like.

    What do the lads at Munich have to say? If you are a member of the BMW club try posting in their technical forum.
  3. hey dave,
    naaah mine is the 86/87 model. I think that one has dampning on both sides.

    I spoke to the guys at munich and they reckoned I will see a big improvement in the handling of the bike. A pdf of the relative pages will help.

  4. Why new springs?

    If it's pogoing, the forks are probably just low on oil. A new set of seals and some fresh oil will sort them right quick.

    I changed springs on my Ducati, but that was because the original progressive ones were giving me excessive brake dive and weren't hard enough (I had trouble getting good sag). I replaced them with linear rate springs, which are much better.
  5. This, if it was the front going up and down. If the back, then you can either get them reworked or get a new set of after markets.

    I wouldn't bother with gold valves on a R65.