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Fixing an oil leak...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MV, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Hi all, the misses' ZZ-R250 has an oil leak on the left hand engine cover, had the cam chain done about 6months ago, presume it is from then.

    Any way, is it worth re torquing the cover to see if the fixes the problem or should I just bite the bullet & fit a new gasket?

    The problem is, to get to the cover to re torque requires removing the radiator, & if re tourqing doesn't fix the leak, I gotta do it all over again (not to mention removing the fairing! So lazy.)

    Should I just stop being so lazy & cheap, or is it likely that the bolts just need a tweak?

    Thanks in advance! :grin:

  2. Its likely that 1 bolt needs a "tweek" but seriously if a new gasket doesnt break the bank I'd do a propper job and get it over and done with.
  3. Yeah, fair point, better do it properly. Suck to spend money on a 250 that isn't mine, but hey!

    Off to get a torque wrench... :grin:
  4. I use liquid gaskets on side covers of bikes.

    Get the oil resistant ones from "Repco". Only use a smear. any more and you can have bits of synthetic rubber floating around your oil galleries.

    Well not in this case, but usually.
  5. Good one, might give that a crack if they try & bend me over on the genuine gasket :wink: That or gasket paper...
  6. Use threebond. It is a white goo and petrol and oil and coolant resistant.