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Fixing a Metal Jacket Clasp... uh, advice?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by scarecrow, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. [IMG:550:299:3f0dc3d67e]http://members.iinet.net.au/~viper39/buckled.jpg[/img:3f0dc3d67e]

    Well, those pictures pretty much tell the story. Brand new sexy ass motorcycle jacket (you know it's quality when this happens) and BAM wrist clasp flies apart in two pieces. Should I bite the bullet and take it to someone to repair who would probably replace both parts of the clasp male and female... or, can I just repair the broken part myself?

    I though about using gaffa tape, but there's limited room to work with so I threw out that idea, same with cable ties.

    Now that i've exhausted all the options I could think of, what would you super duper dudes and dudettes recommend? Sending it back isn't an option because of freight/time and I just couldn't be stuffed. Is there a glue that'll be strong enough to hold metal on metal together?

    Hope you guys liked the generous amount of leg hair I supplied.

    Cheers big ears :)

    Oh, and, yes, that is an Icon Motorhead Jacket, yes I did buy it from Flyin Brians, and shit yes you can expect a review of the jacket and the importing process in but a few days.
  2. I would get a professional leather worker to do it, that way you at least hope it is a half proffesional job and will last longer
  3. :shock: :roll: :?

    Spotlight or any other fabric/haberdashery store, Bunnings even .. any number of other stores that carry clothing stuff, buttons etc ..

    It's called a press stud kit .. coupla bucks at most ... consists of a punch and anvil and a few studs etc.

    Once ya get it home .. have a look at how the kit works, (it's like really really REALLY simple) .. see if the stud that has fallen off can be reaffixed/repunched .. if not then whack a new one on.

    The most complex tool involved is a hammer :?
  4. The only words I understood in that entire sentence were bunnings and hammer :p

    Nah, yeah, I know how to put in a new one but i'd much prefer to keep this button (is black with a silver logo on it) matching the otherside. It can't be pressed back in because of how it broke (the stud part snapped in two, so half of it is still attached to each piece) hence why I brought up some sort of adhesive.

    Also, if I go the option of replacing it myself then i'd have to remove the (male?) part that's still on the jacket, the one that didn't fail. I have no idea how that would go.

    So, yeah, your right, maybe a trip to spotlight is in order... may as well go get it professionally done though because I can't see it costing all that much.

    Stupid $470 jacket, didn't expect that to happen.
  5. I reckon a boot repairer would be able to fix it and would probably only be a couple of bucks.
  6. Another option.

    If this is new take it back! It is faulty and deman it be repaired or get a new one.