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NSW Fixed redlight speed camera flashing under speed limit?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Luiiiii, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. So basically I was going home late at night through a red light speed camera. I ride on this road often so i obviously knew the camera was there and was cruising through at like 52km/h when it flashed once behind me right as I passed the white lines of the intersection (road was a 60 zone). There was only another car coming up the other side of the road but he had not reached the intersection yet. Any one have any idea whether its a fine coming my way or otherwise?

  2. Was the light red? ;)
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  3. That's the main question at moment. Assuming it wasn't red, can you repeat it?
  4. I guess the other factor to consider is whether any of the cross traffic could have encroached too far into the intersection.
  5. Mm nah it wasn't red . There wasn't any cars around me except the one coming up from the other side. This was around 4.30am.
  6. Would you want to repeat it. You know just incase the speedo is out. FWIW i dont trust anything maintained by the lowest bidder or the government
  7. There's a camera over here which has been flashing me (single flash) merrily maybe 50% of the occasions I go through it for the last 18 months. Never had a fine.

    Cameras are generally placed to photograph both the vehicle and at least one of the traffic light lanterns in order to verify what the lights are showing. Photos showing a green are binned as false positives.
  8. Usually if its a fine, there should be 2 flashes.. as it takes one shot of you crossing the line, and then a second showing you inside the intersection as proof you really did go through... I believe they can put then in "test" mode, which flashes every vehical, usually done on new cameras for first month or so, but usually its signposted if that is the case
  9. exact same thing happened to me last week. checked my speedo, it read 60kph which is really 54kph as my speedo is over clocked by a lot, cheers Honda :mad:

    proceeded through the intersection and i knew the camera was there, kept checking speedo and then the brightest flash i have seen went off. I'm 99% sure it came from behind me, and not from in front which means it would have been triggered by someone on the other side of the road at the same intersection. I know i wasn't speeding but it made me wonder, was the light red, surely i couldn't have just blatantly gone through a red light so i did a u-turn and went through the same intersection another 3 times with no flash. I observed the light cycles and am definite it couldn't have been red.

    Anyways, haven't received anything in the mail yet but it's only been a week. I have heard something about a 'safety flash' though which means the camera triggers at certain intervals to warn other traffic of the camera, which is meant to be for 'safety' so people remember to slow down etc. but i'm not entirely sure about the truth behind it although i have heard about it a couple of times from different people. But now i am pissed off because i am certain i didn't do anything wrong and now could be expecting a fine + demerits and being on my P's won't help too much :unsure:
  10. The red light/speed camera cnr. Bigge St & Hume Hwy Liverpool has done this to me a number of times (single flash) over the years. Every time I have been with a green and under the speed limit and usually the only vehicle around at the time. Never been fined by that camera and I'd fight it if I was.
  11. maybe cause you didnt have a seatbelt on??? ahhaha

    i heard, dont hold it against me. but a single flash is when it is self testing (read it agesss ago, cant really remember) they are set to test themselves at a certain time to check operation etc.
    its only when multiple flashes occur that you are nabbed.
  12. Any chance it was on wattle street? Had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago. Just sat at the lights whilst it sat there strobing away.
  13. Camera self testing to ensure synchronization?
  14. Happens to me up in Darwin too, but I have also observed cars in front of me going through where it doesn't flash. I think it is a speed triggered shot rather than red light, I'm starting to think that all of the external moving bits on a bike (chain, big wheels with discs on them) might make a really good radar reflector, and the radar is detecting the relative velocity of the moving bits.
  15. From what ive been told one flash is safe, two flashes is booked.............cross your fingers for a few weeks :(
  16. Darwin's camera are both speed and redlight together.
  17. Yes, the same as the OP stated his cameras are. I don't see your point, Brick.
  18. Just confirming the state of Darwin's cameras. A simple response to the " I think.."

    To the best of my knowledge a single flash is the camera doing a self test synchronization. Two flashes is lighter in the wallet department as stated by others in thus thread.
  19. OK, thanks Brick. Now for annoying question time. I might be barking mad but here we go.

    What is the purpose of taking two shots? The previous reason given was for a red light trigger, one shot at the line and one in the intersection. But that doesn't make sense given that the sensor for the red light trigger is inside the intersection already.

    Is it perhaps a timing check (ie: if the flash interval is known then they can work out how far you will have traveled in the intersection in that interval and check it against the recorded speed )? Are two shots taken just to ensure that they have a clear one?

    And finally (and anecdotally), why is it that I don't see it happen with cars or in a car, but fairly frequently on a bike?
  20. Timing interval sounds feasible. In fact it makes plenty of sense. The loop sensor in the road only detects you passing over it. A second timed flash might allow the camera to work out the speed via distance traveled. Sounds plausible. I guess someone will shoot the theory down in flames if its wrong.

    As for the second question, I'm guessing that a bike allows for more fresh air to enter your head so your actually awake and paying more attention then when in a cage?