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Fixed My Own Mistake

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Marcrantner, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. I like to lurk

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  2. Been lurking for 2 years?

    So where are you lurking from? What bike is lurking around the corner?

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  3. same here. lurker from way back... ish
  4. Some people don't like lurkers.
  5. I don't like some people.
    Balances things out.
  6. Don't be shy ... we can't bite if you're shy :ROFLMAO:

  7. Haha nicely said. I'm stealing that :p
  8. you coming to prac session?
  9. Depending on the weather in the morning, yes. I really need help with slow speed stuff! :)
  10. oh shit im guna be in heaps of trouble
  11. How so?
  12. ive been known to go out with angies my current is one
  13. Haha, I ride a Hyosung. That should put ya off! :p

    Plus, I'm pretty average. You're safe.
  14. bullshit ive seen youre avatar
  15. Haha, trust me! :)
  16. well hopefully i will get a better look tomorrow
  17. lol didnt think it'd take long
  18. Back on half-track, if it's cancelled, they'll post in the thread early morning yes?
  19. yes but if they cancel i will kill them
  20. Hmm, don't quote me, but I'm sure that's incriminating yourself if one of those people mysteriously disappears.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.