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Fixed Freeway Cameras

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Beza, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. I've been riding a bit to Geelong lately and noticed that when I go through the speed camera on the M1 where it shows you your speed on the bridge above I'm getting a reading of between 43 and 57km/h

    I've tried 3 different lanes and get a inaccurate reading each time.

    Has anyone else had this problem and does it mean the actual speed cameras will give me the same reading?
  2. doesn't matter what they say, don't relay on it, we got done recently after traveling through there only to be done by a hwy patrol a little further down the road, we quizzed him and he said meh they aren't reliable here is your ticket and ****ed off....

    bloody wonderful idea put something up so even when you do the right thing they can still fine you ](*,)
  3. +1
    Just go by your own speedo. At least they read fast (you're actually going slower) & you won't get done!!!
  4. Fair enough. Main reason I wanted to know is because when I'm on 100 cars end up tail gating or overtaking but when I'm at 110/115 I seem to be going with the flow more.

    So I'm guessing my speedo is out by about 10kmh
  5. Same thing with me. You could always use a GPS (tom tom etc) to get your true speed & then you'll know for sure.
    Most bike speedos are out around 8-10 %
  6. thought the question was leaning more towards, that they didn't add the 1 in front of the speed read out....:LOL:
  7. It's awesome going through these in a semi, only to find your trailer is doing 10 - 15kph more than the prime mover - no wonder there are so many truck smashes with the bloody trailers always trying to overtake the prime mover...
  8. Well that right hand lane is pretty empty now without the trucks :angel:
  9. Had that towing a 6x4 box trailer behind my car once on the speed checker at Beveridge on the Hume, trailer was 3km/h quicker than the car :LOL:
  10. For those who don't have/can't afford a GPS, or simply don't need one, however consider an accurate speedo readout to be of fundamental importance, consider a SPEEDO HEALER. Cost around $150-$170 to be installed by your mechanic or for those mechanically/electrically inclined a little less.
    Have both my bikes fitted with this clever, cheap gear and works wonders in not ONLY showing you accurate speed during your ride (avoid those speeding fines !) , that day's recorded fastest speed, which can be recalled at a press of a button, but also keeps your ODO readout accurate as well...consider 'resale' of your bike here.
    Next time you have your bike in for a service, ask your mechanic for one of these essential gizmos, and while you're at it, a front sprocket with a tooth down :)

    NB - The cost shown above includes the front sprocket, installed with a tooth down.
  11. Trouble is, most odos are pretty accurate although the speedo isn't. I'mguessing the "healer" will correct the speedo and make the odo underread.
  12. Thats alway a good idea. I recently fitted one to Unco's brand new Gladius.
    8% out for a brand new bike! You think with all the $$$ & technology available to the manufacturers, they could get it right.
  13. I went through it again today and it came came up as 93km when my speedo was bang on 100kmh.
  14. You're assuming its not deliberate, and it is. Dont forget that even things like tyre profile and even wear can change the accuracy. Best to err on the side of caution IMO.

    I know with scooters its often a game of how much can get they get away with so they can quote a higher top speed figure (important because they're usually quite low).

    And speedo healers.. dont need a mechanic to install. Its dead easy, just plugs in.
  15. Phizog, spot on mate (y)