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VIC Fixed cameras on Yarra Blvd?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by calgarychris, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if there are fixed cameras on Yarra Boulevard (the south leg by the Monash). The missus got pinged and I'm in for a world of hurt if they're always there...not a lot over but I ride it often...


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  2. Chris I'm pretty sure one of the residents along the boulevard has rigged up a camera flash to try and scare riders off.
  3. Thanks - there was definitely at least a mobile unit there since the missus got the ticket...but that link'll probably tell me what I need to know - thanks guys
  4. Only mobile units and there is a fixed red light/speed camera on the chapel street intersection
  5. Just had a look at that camera location map....you poor bastards!!!
    i wouldn't last a week...

  6. I think they are talking about a different Yarra Blvd. Not the one in Kew. I've gotten "pinged" by the fake camera on Yarra blvd in Kew a couple of times. Just ignore it.
  7. I think you're right. My bad
  8. Yarra Blvd in Richmond has had mobile units frequently for many years.
  9. whats this about a fake camera flash???

    can someone explain.
  10. Many passing riders (and drivers) have seen a flash coming from one of the houses alongside the Yarra Boulevard (Kew, not Richmond). It's been there for years and apparently doesn't mean you've been pinged.
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  11. Bullshit eh?

    But of course....they are in high risk "black spot areas".....

    Oh wait - that's not right is it?

    I forgot Punt Road was known for high speed fatalities......you know....amongst all the gridlock....
  12. Many of them are combined speed/red light cameras, and it wouldn't surprise me if Punt Road was a black spot for red light runners.
  13. Someone who doesn't have anything better to do at night uses their camera flash to scare of riders/drivers by flashing as they go past their house. It is near one of the junctions to the residential areas.

    Just ignore it. There are no fixed cameras there and mobile units don't flash.
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  14. Its a fake flash, I thinks its set to go off after 9pm if a loud vehicle goes past, its just before yarra st as you are going towards the city. I live around the corner and make it a mission to try and trigger it as I go past ;)
  15. Im talking about the one in kew btw