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Fixed Camera Locations - What are the Rules?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Spotted a new fixed camera today. It's located on Princes Highway East, about a kilometre after the end of the Princes Freeway between Traralgon and Morwell. It's near one of those signs that flash "Slow down. Too fast" when you trigger it above certain speeds.

    While this didn't surprise me, as it was only a matter of time before they put one up there (it's in an 80 km/h zone near the local hospital), what I'm concerned with is its placement. It's barely inside the start of the 80 km/h zone.

    I read somewhere that there are rules regarding the placement of cameras and in proximity to speed zone changes. If anyone's aware of this, or better yet, has links to legislation, it'd be appreciated.

  2. i got done there ages ago (before the hospital was there 80k was a bit further up i think) by a copper sitting on a deck chair
  3. I think they're more guidelines... At least with that one the sign gives you a warning that you're going too fast before you hit the camera. It used to be a favourite spot for mobile cameras anyway so I can't say I'm surprised.
  4. had a quick google and it seems they can be pretty much placed anywhere, there are 'guide lines' as TonyE says but even they can be ignored if it's a 'potential' black spot.
  5. I think the Vic police can probably look forward to having their cameras blown up just like they do in the UK, if this is the sort of attitude they're going for.
  6. The rule regarding speed signs is. That the sign saying 80 means that by the time you pass that sign, if you are not doing 80, you are speeding. Therefore you will cop a fine. It is the same as when you see a 100 sign and you are in an 80 you cannot speed up to be at 100 until you actually pass that sign, otherwise, again, you will wear a fine.

    Therefore... You do 100 past that 80 km/h sign, they have every right to flog you a fine. If you do speed past it, then I say "ha ha ha ha" don't speed next time.
  7. Geez, they'll catch heaps there!

    I hope you didn't set it off and that's how you saw it Marty :wink:
  8. They are not allowed to set up a speed trap 200 meters either side of a speed zone change.

    Not that 200 meters is much space
  9. a speed zone change is usually preceeded by a speed zone warning. really isnt that hard though - choose to speed or not... i know i make that choise every day.
  10. Nah. I got an email this morning about it. I checked it out after visiting you at the shop on the way home. I usually make an effort not to speed along that section anyway.

    (1) because it's illegal
    (2) because there's the vet, the hospital, etc. nearby
    (3) because often the cops are hidden in the shrubbery along there
    (4) I am a strict adherer to posted limits on non-open roads, particularly
    residential areas.

    My query was about the legalities or otherwise of the distance of the camera from the 80 km/h sign.

    My only worry is if it's hooked up to that "warning" sign. I've set it off heaps of times even when doing under 80 kays. Other times it hasn't done a thing when I've gone past at 85 km/h (when I used to "speed" along there, that is).

    Ps. Why is it that such posts like this attract the holier-than-thou comments, when all we're asking about is the legality of a particular issue?
  11. Coz everyone here is a know-it-all ;)
  12. ask away. :)
    it is well worth knowing the legalities. :idea:

    i was pulled over for speeding earlier this year,
    the officer described how cunning he was in his effort to catch me.
    and at the time i thought it sounded a bit dodgy,
    later i discovered it was!
  13. dont think it would be linked to teh warning sign...

    i remember when the warning signs coming out of wollongong back to sydney used to tell you in big letters how fast you were going and the recommended speed. that became a challenge for us reps at the time... ah the memories!
  14. It looks like the rules in Vic are "Where there is a good stretch of road and the average traffic speed is 10km/h+ of posted speed limit, put a camera there!"
  15. too right, i think the general rule of placement in vic is where it will cach most people, not where it will reduce speed (ie out the front of schools, hospitals and such like) remeber they are just another tax system, not a road safety instrument.