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FIVE Supermotard gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' at netrider.net.au started by Rainbow7, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Over the last 20-ish years I've owned probably two dozen pairs of gloves; some good, some poor, some excellent.
    I rarely get cold hands even in the very depths of winter, so I often found that my gloves would cause my hands to be sweaty and uncomfortable for most of the year.
    A few years ago I happened to see some Joe Rocket nylon/leather supermotard gloves in the bargain bin at Bike Gear Warehouse, for a mere $25. I had never tried that style of glove but they looked like they'd be good for hot weather riding, so I bought them. They were fantastic, and were my faithful companions for a good 20,000 kilometers.
    Sadly, they eventually wore out and I was once again in the market for a new pair of light gloves. I went to several bike shops but didn't really see anything that I either liked the look of or seemed like it was good quality. I eventually got chatting to the owner of Maleny Motorcycles, who suggested looking through the FIVE catalogue, which I then did.
    I asked him to order me a pair of the white supermotard gloves, the cost of which was around $120.
    When they arrived I was struck by two things: 1) the quality of the gloves, and 2) the incredible fit. - Most gloves seem to be either too long in the thumbs or too long in the fingers, but the FIVE gloves were perfect.

    I have now had these gloves for around 5 months and have ridden at good 4000km with them. They are perfectly broken in and fit -ahem- like a glove.
    They show none of the signs of the typical pair of gloves, e.g. stitching unravelling, seams coming apart, tearing, etc. These gloves still look as if they were only a week or two old.

    In summary, if you're in the market for a long-lasting, well made, comfortable pair of light gloves, I definitely recommend the FIVE Supermotard gloves.


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  3. I've had two pairs of five gloves and they've been fantastic value for money.
    I replaced my summer gloves (alpinestars) with a set of Five Supermotard gloves last weekend, stupidly I didn't try both of them on before leaving the shop. When I got home I found that the left hand thumb was nearly two inches longer than the right (replaced by MCAS with no quibbling - thanks, MCAS).
    Great gloves but check before buying as the odd pair have quality control issues. I would, however, buy Five again.
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  4. Well, it is a French company...
  5. Oui oui c'est bon