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Five Stunt gloves

Discussion in 'Gloves' at netrider.net.au started by hopeless, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. I thought I'd do a short review on the Five brand stunt gloves I bought 6 months ago.

    First off I bought these from AMA warehouse in Caboolture for $89 on sale 7 months ago. I bought the brand because my previous experience with them (RFX-4) has been excellent. I mainly ride to commute but get out for longer rides occasionally.

    I have worn these gloves every day for a short commute and a few longer rides, maybe a total of 3000km's. I haven't fallen off, or otherwise actually damaged the gloves except through wear.

    First off they are very comfy a good fit and seemed solid.

    They look like this

    the stitching in the elastic wristbands is crap. They warned me to never pull the gloves on with it and I have been quite diligent, I do however lift and pull them over my cuffs.



    The heel has worn 2 small holes in the first layer of leather near the sliders on both gloves.


    Overall I'm disappointed. I guess I'll sew up the elastic but it shouldn't come apart like that. I lost the receipt so no point in going down the refund route. will be getting some new ones but not Fives.

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  2. HI, thought I'd add my 2 cents on my experience with the same style of gloves but the leather ones. Cost me a bit more...I think around the $120-130 mark.

    I'm undecided at this point whether these are the best gloves ever, or the worst gloves ever. Right from the get go I had bunch issues in my left glove, not in the palm but at the bottom of my fingers. I thought about this for a bit and looking at where the padding is on the glove thought "maybe I'm resting my weight on the wrong part of my hand when riding", so tried to use more the padded part on the top of my palm. This worked out alright except......

    Sometimes I put the glove on and it fits....like a glove
    Other times I put it on and the bunching drives me nuts

    I went out of my way to pay a bit more for 'better' gloves and were told FIVE are the shit.......unfortunately at this stage I'm leaning more towards just shit.

    The velcro that you attach the tightening strap on your wrist to is so small that I'll pretty much have to get some more velcro stitched on so I can tighten the glove sufficiently......was ok when I bought it but once it stretched a little they're pretty loose. TO make matters worse the leather tab you're given to assist in pulling the gloves on is too long so that it gets caught on my jacket sleeve effectively pushing my glove off.....or at least loosening it enough so that bunching occurs again, just a very poor design.

    The medium was far too small, and I'm thinking the large is a bit too big. Which is strange as I generally have big hands in comparison to most.......long fingers, normal width wrist.

    Anyway, I too am disappointed with these gloves and the brand after everything I've heard.

    After getting the velcro fixed, and if I can manage to figure the difference in how I'm putting them on when they fit or not.......they may end up as the best gloves ever. :) But bottom line, I paid $130 for these, I expect a decent product.

    P.S - Don't go to buy gloves with a toddler. You won't have enough time to properly try them all out like you should.

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  3. Just a little update......

    As per the velcro issues I had in the post above, I recently took the gloves to a leatherman (shoe fixer...whatever they're called) to extend the velcro across the wrist. He completely removed the original small velcro strip and completely stitched in a new piece that goes all the way across my wrist. Cost me $20. I'm not sure I should have to spend $20 fixing a pair of gloves I paid $130 for.......but anyway.....

    End result = I can now properly tighten the gloves. So much so, the extra bit of leather that used to bunch and drive me nuts magically has disappeared with the tighter glove.

    I said above that I wasn't sure if these were the best or worst gloves I've had. Now I've had the velcro fixed, they're tipping more towards the best gloves.
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  4. I'm not attempting to have a dig as $130 is a lot of money and should never be sneezed at and I agree they should have been better and lasted longer etc etc.But personally I could never see $130 gloves as being the best ever .
    You can easily pay double that for gloves.
    But thanks for the review as I have contemplated purchasing five gloves. I wonder what their top end race ones are like.
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  5. After paying nearly 200 for a pair of Dainese winter waterproof gloves never again. With the fabric on the outside getting wet but hands staying dry in winter your hands just freeze. Think of a wet sheet with wind blowing through it. Then after your take them off to fuel up and your hands are damp you can't get them on as your skin sticks to the inner liner making it virtually impossible to get them back on. After the second time of trying to get them back on when on a long wet ride threw them in a bin at the servo pulled out my old leather dri riders which aren't water proof but at least i could get them on and they were warmer. Lesson learnt expensive isn't best. Neither is a name brand.
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  6. Yeah ok I shouldnt have said best ever, was exaggerating a bit. What I should have said was 'best ever $130 pair of gloves'.
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  7. i own a pair of these gloves, for my size they are fine, the velcro strap goes tight enough, though i spose could go a little tighter.

    The build quality is.... ok... neehh... it's alright. not the best not the worst. Some parts will wear out quicker than others. I've owned them 5 months, some small tearing on the leather near the base of the thumb, which opens but does not get any worse afterwards (the bit above the palm protector), a couple loose threads, worned leather on the tips (where I pull them off) and decaying in the middle of the hand (where i guess the throttle grip hits the most), and a small hole unnoticaable in the synthetic cloth stuff on the wrist.

    Overall for around 100 bucks its not the best glove but it does offer good protection, just a bit uninspiring build quality... Comfort is around average. I do clean them properly and only use them while riding.

    I'll report back if I remember in 6 months time to update on their status. I will probably be buying a winter glove for when it rolls around.
  8. So a sales guy the other day told me that FIVE are now owned by IXON of whom have pushed FIVE glove manufacture to China. He was adamant that IXON were the better glove now in terms of quality. I'm not so sure....anyone have any thoughts?

    I have a pair of Ixon winter gloves which are fantastic, and recently bought a pair of Ixon racing gloves with the carbon knuckles for about $150 that are sweet too. Best thing about these 'racing' gloves is that they have the touch screen fingers, and solid palm sliders.

    Also, for anyone having bunching issues, maybe try some pussy grips etc to make the grip diameter wider. By doing this my bunching issues went away.
  9. I have a pair of Five gloves, very comfortable but have noticed the stitching starting to split in the top elastic also which is also getting looser. Worn them pretty much exclusively for 8,000km since getting bike and while have couple other pairs always seem to wear these due to comfort and easy of grip on the bars. They were cheap though, so might just view them as semi-disposable.