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Five RFX1 tribal

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RRdevil, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. So thought I would post up a quick eeview and pic of my new gloves.

    Firstly I am foremost an alpinestars man coming from alpinestar GP pro gloves

    I tried on a pair of RFX1 Five gloves at my local (garage in strath) and immediately loved the softness. They didnt have my size as sizing is around one size smaller than alpinestars. I wear xxl/12 in alpinestars and required xl/11 in the Five gloves. Got my gloves ordered and picked them up. They are one of the most comfortable gloves ive ever worn. Internal is 43% kevlar, external is 83% leather (roo and pig, super soft). Ventilated knuckles and vent holes in the leather between fingers. They are full gauntlet with two closures, wrist and forearm. Flex is excellent and there are some nice carbon fibre pads where needed to protect the wrist and parts of the palm. Comfortable to ride in. Glad I changed and happy with the purchase.
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  2. Very cool mate (y) .. gloves are my nemisis.. can't find any with the perfect fit
  3. How do they stack up financially against the A*'s??
  4. Close to the price of A* gp pro gloves (which they replaced) but the quality is the same. Got a nice 10% discount paid $270. kevlar amounts are more in the Five RFX1 so as far as I care they offer slighlty better protection. Leather feels better than the alpinestars and better ventilation. A*s quality in gloves has dropped recently and its easy to get had by knock offs...yes even in reputable dealers. The market has been flooded
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  5. Thanks RR - have to agree about the knock offs too. May poke my nose around a pair of those when/if the insurance gets sorted!