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N/A | National Five Reasons Why Nicky Hayden Will Be the 2016 World Superbike Champion

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Mouth, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

    When Nicky Hayden throws a leg over his Honda Superbike on Feb. 28, 2016 at Phillip Island, it will be 14 years since he’s raced a Superbike.

    So what are his chances of winning the Championship?

    Pretty good, actually, because Hayden has:

    TENACITY: There’s a difference between perseverance and tenacity. Perseverance is when you study harder to get a better grade in high school algebra. Tenacity is when a pit bull bites down on your leg and won’t let go. Nicky Hayden has tenacity.

    For the past two years, the 2006 MotoGP Champion has been riding a motorcycle that is definitely down on power compared to the top Yamahas, Ducatis and Hondas. Compared to the rider with the fastest top speed in each race, Hayden’s bike was down an average of 8.48 mph. The greatest difference was just under 12 mph at the last race of the year at Valencia, the least was 4.66 mph in Argentina. Despite this, Hayden soldiered on, doing his best in every race.

    Hayden’s effort showed in the fact that he finished an average of four positions ahead of where he qualified over the entire season. At two races, Circuit of the Americas and Silverstone, he finished the race nine spots ahead of his qualifying position. Only at Valencia did he finish worse than he qualified, and then only by one place.

    CONSISTENCY: Hayden finished all but three races in 2015, and only one was his fault. At Mugello, he crashed trying to avoid Stefan Bradl, who crashed in front on him. In Australia, he retired due to electrical problems. That leaves only Catalunya, where Hayden apologized to his team and fans.

    A GREAT ATTITUDE: Hayden never blames the bike or anyone but himself, and is always looking toward improving. His comments after crashing at Catalunya say a great deal: “I want to apologize to the team and the sponsors for making two mistakes in less than fifteen laps. I am annoyed with myself because I feel that we had a good chance this weekend to come away with a good result” adding, “hopefully tomorrow's test can provide us with some good information to keep improving.”

    AN INCREDIBLE WORK ETHIC: At the recent three-day test at Jerez, Hayden logged 687 miles, the equivalent of 12 ½ full Superbike races.

    : The Honda Superbike this year frankly wasn’t that good. Piloted by 2014 World Superbike Champion Sylvain Guintoli and 2014 World Supersport Champion Michael van der Mark, the Honda only appeared in front of the podium four times all season, and then only in third place each time.

    In the tests that just concluded at Jerez, Hayden was fourth overall. It’s true that not all the 2016 riders were there, but the three who won most of the races in 2014, Jonathan Rea, Tom Sykes and Chaz Davies, were. On a type of motorcycle he hasn’t ridden in 14 years on tires he’s never raced on, Hayden was just 0.87 seconds off the pace of the fastest, Sykes. And his best lap of 1’40.193 was under Tom Sykes’ pole-winning qualifying time of 1’40.292 from this year’s race at the same track.

    Get ready. Hayden is on his way.

    by Bob Dragich
    Independent Marketing Manager
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  2. That's a good write up - thanks for posting MouthMouth

    I like Nicky Hayden - it couldn't have been a lot of fun for an ex MotoGP champ to be running round at the back of the pack for so long. I hope his fortunes change now at Superbike and he gets some decent results and runs at the front more consistently. Should be a good season.
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  3. Agree 100% with everything you say. The biggest reason he won't is Honda. Look at Rea.
    Busted his ass and managed a some podiums on a Honda the switched to Kawasaki and won a championship.
    In my eyes Honda makes an awesome bike, probably the best for 99% of the population but just not quite crazy or cutting edge enough for the few very talented people who can use it.
    Honda in many cases seems last to use latest technology on there road bikes. They didn't change to upside down forks until 10 years ago and still don't have any traction control on there CBRs....
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  4. Not quite awesome enough.....even after all the WSBK goodies are thrown at the bike...they don't race what rolls off the production line in WSBK

    What can I add............GREEN IS GOOD
  5. Yea thats the truth. The WSB are nothing like production bike. But the top speed of the Honda is nothing like the Kawasaki.
    Speaking to a local race mechanic campaigning 600 Honda's. His comment was that in the local class where mods are limited Honda is not the bike to be on. He said Yamaha's, Suzuki's and Kawasaki seem to have the edge. He said in World super sport where you can throw the book at them then Honda's are probably the bike to have. I thought that was interesting.
  6. Nicky is currently 12th on the time sheets at PI. Sad that he can't even make the top 10.

    Hang you head in shame Honda.

    Giving a world class rider a potato to ride......

    Really not sure why Nicky took the ride in the first place. Would have been much better off going with another manufacturer. He is too old to wait around for 3 year before Honda makes a new bike.

    All I can say is go Mike Jones!
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  7. That's what I saw JonnyM, great result for NH:

    1. Jonathan Rea GBR Kawasaki Racing ZX-10R 1m 31.249s
    2. Davide Giugliano ITA Aruba.it Racing Ducati 1199R 1m 31.400s
    3. Michael van der Mark NED Honda Racing CBR1000RR 1m 31.458s
    4. Sylvain Guintoli FRA PATA Crescent Yamaha R1 1m 31.473s
    5. Nicky Hayden USA Honda Racing CBR1000RR 1m 31.585s
    6. Tom Sykes GBR Kawasaki Racing ZX-10R 1m 31.885s
    7. Chaz Davies GBR Aruba.it Racing Ducati 1199R 1m 31.938s
    8. Alex Lowes GBR PATA Crescent Yamaha R1 1m 31.958s
    9. Xavi Fores ESP Barni Ducati 1199R 1m 32.109s
    10. Jordi Torres ESP Althea BMW S1000RR 1m 32.202s

    Tommy Sykes'll be a little pissed dropping back there. I'd like to see Alex Lowes on a flyer this year as well. Josh Brookes has got his work cut out too. really looking forward to this season.
  8. Yeh LionzLionz Tom was really happy with yesterday's result and essentially said he now has he's setup but today has kind of tipped that on its head a bit. I like Tom a lot but there is a LOT of angst from him towards Rea. So far from what I've heard it's not really being reciprocated from Rea. So much so I'm leaning more towards Rea as the bigger person.
  9. images. Hope Hayden does well in his 2016 season but it's all about Chaz Davies my fellow countryman for me !!
  10. That's weird Taff 69Taff 69 you look just like Chaz in your avatar.........

    Agreed jonnyM - i think JR may have nicked Sykes's thunder. I think he's probably a little pissed JR came on board.

    Oh well, always a good rivalry between team mates so we'll see who comes out on top and who plays the whingeing game. Should be fun.
  11. Cheers Lionz I can but dream eh??
  12. Don't we all mate??.................. I'm looking particularly 'Stoneresque' (in my opinion anyway!)
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  13. I think Nicky is looking at the longer game, he is on a 2 yr contract and there is supposedly a new bike coming in 2017, knowing Honda they will unveil something special.
  14. Ok, pinched from crash....
    Full race results (1) from the first round of the 2016 World Superbike Championship at Phillip Island, Australia.

    1. Jonathan Rea GBR Kawasaki Racing ZX-10R 22 laps
    2. Chaz Davies GBR Aruba.it Racing Ducati 1199R +0.063s
    3. Michael van der Mark NED Honda Racing CBR1000RR +0.487s
    4. Davide Giugliano ITA Aruba.it Racing Ducati 1199R +0.647s
    5. Tom Sykes GBR Kawasaki Racing ZX-10R +3.429s
    6. Sylvain Guintoli FRA PATA Crescent Yamaha R1 +3.510s
    7. Leon Camier GBR MV Agusta RC F4 RR +10.721s
    8. Jordi Torres ESP Althea BMW S1000RR +11.539s
    9. Nicky Hayden USA Honda Racing CBR1000RR +15.534s
    10. Josh Brookes AUS Milwaukee BMW S1000RR +23.239s
    11. Roman Ramos ESP GO Eleven Kawasaki ZX-10R +23.411s
    12. Lorenzo Savadori ITA IodaRacing Aprilia RSV4 +24.012s
    13. Karel Abraham CZE Althea BMW S1000RR +37.281s
    14. Mike Jones AUS Desmo Sport Ducati 1199R +44.720s
    15. Sylvain Barrier FRA Pedercini Kawasaki ZX-10R +46.357s

    16. Dominic Schmitter SUI Grillini Kawasaki ZX-10R +1m 08.238s
    17. Saeed al Sulaiti QAT Pedercini Kawasaki ZX-10R +1m 08.299s
    18. Peter Sebesteyen HUN Team Toth Yamaha R1 +1m 30.771s
    19. Imre Toth HUN Team Toth Yamaha R1 +1 lap
    20. Markus Reiterberger GER Althea BMW S1000RR +1 lap

    Not Classified

    21. Alex Lowes GBR PATA Crescent Yamaha R1 16 laps completed
    22. Xavi Fores ESP Barni Ducati 1199R 12 laps completed
    23. Alex de Angelis RSM IodaRacing Aprilia RSV4 2 laps completed

    Did not start

    Toprak Razgatlioglu TUR Grillini Kawasaki ZX-10R
  15. How about the qualy times
    Sykes into the 29's thats almost motogp territory
  16. Yeah, Tom's like that. I'm a bit of a Sykes fan, actually. He's such an unlikely character.

    Tom is a bit like Damen Hill was in F1. He was fast, and a great test driver, and a very successful racer, as long as he could get in a space and run. He wasn't so damn good if he had to dice with people, especially Schummi...
  17. Oops actualy 30's
  18. #19 kneedragon, Feb 27, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2016
    Yeah, PDQ anyway. And he was going PDQ in the race too, for the first half of it. But then his tyres went away, which is very Tom Sykes...

    That's a pretty fair result for Josh Brooks as well. They're on a new bike and learning it from scratch, it's not the world version of the R1 he just won the Brit SBK on, it's a Boomer, and they find some stuff very similar, and some a bit ... circular. You adjust for one thing, and that spoils something else. They're not the first people to have this problem on those bikes.

    PS: Good work by Niki Hayden too. That's a sane and sober result. I think he also went well early, but then had tyres go off. It'll take a little while to learn the riding and setup that works. He's obviously got the pace, but the bike is not quite there.
  19. Sykes was bloody fast he said he could have gone 1 29 but shagged his tyres. Thats bloody quick for superbike!
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