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five crashes,all left handed

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by SLYSNOOPY, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Why ? I ask my self.
    Every crash I've had has been around a left hand corner.
    I started to read stuff about counter steering and began to form a theory.
    Member adprom was offering some advice,I am looking forward to exploring some of his theories.
    But I dont go round lefties as well as righties.
    I think I have a mental block.

    I have bigger chicken strips on one side than the other,
    am I doomed to hide one side of my bike from view for ever?
  2. Blabber, why don't you ask yourself for the answer...

    Not even a smart internet troll.
  3. Almost all people prefer turning in one direction to the other. One direction just feels more natural. I asked the instructor about it and he said from what he could tell it had nothing to do with handedness either.
  4. perhaps not,but at least I would know the answer.
    You, my learned colleague need to realise that one swallow does not make a summer,the adolescent who lures the babes out of the shallow end will always need his mum to save them-for he can only swim well enough to save himself.
    And Blabber has left the building--lucky for you.
  5. I've seen 4 guys come of on group rides and they've all been on left handers.
  6. maybe the left side of your brain is retarded
  7. oic... HI BLABBER ! WELCOME BACK !!

    well then in your case, perhaps the left side of your brain is significantly MORE retarded than the right.
  8. It was January 1985 when I scored my first blowjob, and she swallowed.
    Well it certainly made my summer!
  9. LOL. Gold!

    You, sir, have just made everyone on my train wonder why I'm laughing.
  10. pmsl!
  11. you wank with your right hand yeah? a lot yeah? like a REAL lot?

    This was happening to a mate of mine - he swapped wanking hands and within 2 weeks, his uneven chicken strips had evened out! It's uneven hand/fist coordination that causes the problem.
  12. get a girlfriend and then you will crash on both left and right corners?
  13. Truth.
    And if he gets a boyfriend, he won't be able to handle the straights.
  14. Bwahahahah +1
  15. I don't think I've ever seen a thread go epic this quickly. Well done people. =D>=D>

    Sly's been around for a while dude.
  16. Don't worry not everybodies an ambiturner. Instead of turning left, take 3 right hand turns.
  17. You've had five crashes? What time frame? I'm asking to see if there's something else going on here other than just the direction. Being left or right handed sounds like an interesting theory. Other discussions I've seen about this usually talk about right handers being harder because the throttle is closer so your arm is less extended making control more difficult. I've never noticed this but being left handed and living in a right handed world i've become fairly ambidextrous if that makes any difference at all.
  18. dazzabee; he's trolling mate...

    @slysnoopy: you could always hang a great big weight from the left handlebar? That might help?
  19. zoolander style!
  20. Epic work guys. Respect for the lolz.

    Dazzabee......you facepalmed it champ *sigh*