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Fitzroy rookie on a CB125e!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ramona_telecican, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Hey Netriders!!

    Just wanted to give a wave to you all from me over here in Melbourne's inner-north. My name's Ramona and my bike's name is Goo. She is a 2015 Honda CB125e, so she's small... but we're gonna get good together!

    I'm a new rider, just got my learners in January and haven't been able to ride as much as I'd like, but I'm picking up momentum now. I'm keen to get really skilled up and confident before I go for my P's and go out on those longer rides I'm longing for. Hence why I bought a little bike, so I can work on my skills and my confidence without feeling overwhelmed.

    My weak point right now is downshifting and getting away effectively without having to stop, downshift to 1, and try my very best not to stall multiple times before rolling off again. Ha!

    So keen to build on my skills and knowledge, if any riders have some good pointers / forum links / desires to show this rookie the know-how on a real time ride... please shout out!!
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  2. welcome aboard :)
    Empty carparks on weekends are also good places to practice
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  3. Welcome! I can see how that would be hard on Goo :D
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  4. Haha.

    PS: Anyone know how to change your gender (as in, what's noted in your profile, not your gender IRL!) ? I feel like i've looked everywhere... and apparently I need an admin to do it? (I am a female, not a male...)

    uncle greguncle greg or hawklordhawklord - do you guys know who I should ask?
  5. MouthMouth
  6. Howdy ramona_telecicanramona_telecican and welcome to NR from another CB125E starter. I've moved on now, but all I can say is have fun on the little bike. It will teach you lots without getting too grumpy at you. But do yourself a favor and tape up the gear indicator so you can't see it when you get a bit more experience. Because when you upgrade, you will be forever wondering what gear you are in. Also, it's a distraction. You have enough on your plate right now.

    Psst....I still have mine. His name is Finch!
  7. MouthMouth can you please change Ramona into a girl again.
  8. #11 ramona_telecican, Apr 25, 2016
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    Thanks GoldenberriGoldenberri ! Ha, that's a great piece of advice.

    yey! i'm a girl again!

    thanks MouthMouth via McsennaMcsenna

    What did you find your shifting speeds to be? Trying to get a natural feel for shifting gears, but also want to make sure I'm steering clear of redlining.
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  9. I can't remember the speeds as I started to take more notice of the sounds of the engine. Might take it for a spin over the next week to see if I can't be more helpful. I do know that getting out of first was pretty high on the agenda when moving off! Oh, and by the way....it is possible to mono a 125. I did it once accidentally. :ROFLMAO:
  10. You need to be 'feeling' and 'listening' to the bike when you change gears, not looking at the speedo or tacho.

    Your head should always be up looking forward, not looking down at the instrument cluster.
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  11. GoozaGooza, I went looking for the tacho when I took it out a few days ago....only to rediscover that it doesn't have one!
  12. Thanks ! GoldenberriGoldenberri and yes I agree with what you and GoozaGooza are saying about feeling and listening! I've been doing just that, and most of the time it is feeling right - mainly up up-shifting, i feel like i can hear and feel the 'strain' just before the redline, that need to change.

    I guess I'm doubting myself - given its such a small bike (and there's so much out there about gears on much bigger bikes) i thought it was weird to be changing gears so often. eg: it feels best in 3rd gear, but i'm only going 40km/h! This is mostly likely all rookie feelings isn't it?
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  13. sounds like you might struggle on this bike soon
    upgrade when you feel the need
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  14. Yes it is a rookie thing and on such a small bike even 40 feels like 140, so don't sweat it. Just get comfy with a sequence and get stubborn practicing it. Try different things, be a bit bold and keep your head up. :happy:

    uncle greguncle greg was kind enough to allow me to tag along on one of his Epic Rides when still on the CB125E. It was awesome! :cat:
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  15. and it was fcuking epic
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  16. G'day and welcome, RamonaRamona. The CB125E is an excellent choice for starting out riding and very economical to get around the city. As recommended, the Saturday practise sessions and Epic Rides would be an excellent way to meet some other Netriders and build up the skills for everyday riding and the rider test.
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  17. Welcome ramona_telecicanramona_telecican. Be careful of tram tracks, they are OK in the dry but a little slippery, so minimise riding on roads with them. Don't go near them in the wet until you are comfortable riding.
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