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Fitting tank pad - Tips??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by GeeJayEmm, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. Can anyone offer tips on how to put on an adhesive (Keiti) tank pad. Looks like one of those "one slip and you've stuffed it" situations.. I know the basics about get it warm - "get the tank warm and clean"... Need a killer tip as to how to keep it straight and get it down evenly.... Suggestions????

  2. If you're anal retentive, like myself, you can use a dressmaker's tape measure and some masking tape to help locate it.
  3. ...and if you are like me you would wonder why anyone would bother with such stuff in the first place...

  4. Decide where you want the tank pad and mark a reference line with masking tape, say the bottom of the pad is straight, put the tape down so the bottom edge of the pad sits on that line when you have it where you want it.
    Mark with a pencil on the tape where you want the corner of the tank pad.
    Now, peel a corner of the backing paper back off the tank pad, place the pad down so it's where you want it in relation to your reference points. Once it is right, stick the corner down and slowly peel the backing paper back under the pad, towards the diagonally opposite corner.
    Just go slowly, pull teh paper firmly but don't tear it and it'll go down smooth and easy.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Andrew,
    Thanks for the blow by blow description - Just what I needed - I will give it a go - as you say slowly does it -cheers
  6. Snowdog - I'm a bit anal as well - hence the call for help!!

    It looks like a bit of set up with masking tape is the go - thanks for the reply
  7. I just chucked mine on
    bike was in the sun so i wanted to do it quick as possible
    i went for the close your eyes, smooth it on and hope for the best approach
    didn't work out all that bad
  8. [​IMG]





    If you really want to get it on straight, cut out a piece of paper the exact dimenssions of the tank pad then do all your measurements on the tank and mark the area with a grease pencil and stick it on!

    You mean its crooked right? :D
  9. Truly pictorial!! Now I can actually use the grease pencil Ive had hiding in my desk drawer for ten years !!
  10. [​IMG]

    No, I don't have a centre stand, and yes, I did look like an idiot taking that pic.
    On topic though, holding it where you want and taping the top in place while you peel the backing off and stick on from the bottom seems like a pretty smart idea.
  11. Just Chucked it on eh?

    Pretty dang good chuck if you ask me

    Nice job

    Thanks to all - I am inspired