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Fitting new (used) engine to SR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. G'day All.

    No replies to this on the SR-specific Forum so I figured I'd fish for more general answers here. Fitting a new engine to the SR500 this weekend. It's a grey imort SR400 engine, which had not been started by the wrecker or us but should be good and was the better looking of a bunch which had around 20,000km. Will have a 400 carb and CDI to fit if needed. Never having done this, I'm taking the approach that I simply unplug and unbolt, then bolt and plug, set the new carb to Prime and kick!

    The engine has no oil filler hole as such, for the oil is in the frame and I fill it near the steering head. Haynes said to put a litre of oil into the "breather union projecting from the casing" before "replacing the breather chamber" - I took it to mean the nipple on the crankcase to which a breather tube with air-filter is connected. Is that right? (There's also that oil line just near it, hence while the instructions seem straight-forward I was wondering if I am confused). I guess I'll drain the sump first so as not to over fill it. I'll also put 1.5L of oil into the frame, as per the manual.

    How does that sound...anything I ought to consider or know about?