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Fitting a seat bag

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by caterz, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. i bought a strap on ventura bag for my zzr250. it has a separate base which straps around the seat, and then the bag is clipped onto it.

    I was trying to fit the base today, and I couldn't get it quite right. Strapping it around the seat as shown in the instructions, the straps were getting in the way of the seat lock, it would not lock down properly. And then when I managed to get it down, it wouldn't unlock. bent my key trying to open it but eventually got it. So then I tried crossing the straps. That kept them out of the way of the lock, but the base wouldn't stay put, didn't take much force to pull it off. that doesn't happen when the straps are straight, but i just couldn't position them so they didn't get in the way of the lock.

    Anybody had a problem with this? were u able to get around it? Be very easy to just plonk it on & jam the lock, but my wet weather pants live under the seat, and i often use the helmet lock.

  2. got 1 of these seat bags for my 600rr

    and yeah are absolute pain to fit as the straps run straight across the fittings that hold the seat in position

    so with alil dicking around and afew *&%^ and #!@% i manage to get it into place and clip seat in to position.

    I think what ventura need to do is design the bags for individual models not just a universal. Wouldnt take much redesign to fix the the problem.

    BUT then I cant see them doin that due to cost.
  3. Um. What's a helmet lock? Sounds useful :oops:
  4. Helmet locks are usually a stainless steel cord that's hidden in the lockable seat compartment. There's a few variations in 'style' but the principle is the same. It's a way to lock your helmet to your bike while you're away from your bike.

    Unlock and open the underseat storage, pull cord out, loop cord through helmet's D-ring, attach cord ends to bike subframe (there's usually a special 'hook' welded on), close + lock underseat storage.

    That way, your helmet is "securely" locked to the bike and can't be taken by passers-by.

    Doesn't stop people from using boltcutters to sever the cord, or scissors to cut the helmet straps, if they want to steal your helmet. Nor does it stop people kicking and beating the crap out of your helmet to amuse themselves while you're away from your bike.
  5. Thanks for the info Spots. Though given your last paragraph, I might just keep the helmet with me :?
  6. (Apologies for being offtopic with regards to original post)

    I probably painted a bit too much of a pessimistic view, to be honest. I haven't had any trouble myself, and I suspect most people haven't had issues either (just as most people haven't had their bike stolen). Just something to be mindful of if you park in a 'shady' area.

    I'll be more inclined to leave my helmet with the bike once I have lockable hard panniers or a topbox. :)
  7. What he said.

    And yep, I guessed that you were exaggerating a little, but still not something I want to invite. Once my helmet is no longer as shiny and new and 'spensive as it is now, I might not care so much :wink: