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Fitting a REMUS ehaust to a z750 '07

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by madmatt, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Any ony know what i do about the cables that connected to a valve in the origional can. They run the the exhaust actuator butterlfy valve and my oh so helpful workshop manual doesn't explain exactally what they do. The new remus can obviously won't mount them and I need to know what I have to take off and if there are any fuses or other bits i need to remove. Surely someone out there has all the answers?

  2. The cables run back to an actuator motor, remove them and leave the motor in place (or else your ignition computer will panic and put you into emergency low-horsepower mode).

    You may need to tune your bike or add a power commander (or similar black box) to ensure good running without the valve.
  3. I figured that's all it would take but it never hurts to ask. Supposedly i shouldn't need any re-mapping done or a power commander added as it's just a slip-on and not a full system.... supposedly?
  4. Depends on the bike, some will work perfectly and some will severely need a remapping.

    I was speaking to some pro tuners with a dyno recently, and they gave the example of a bloke with a recent sports 1000 who put a slipon can, filter, and dumped the valve, and originally it was about 170hp at the back wheel, with the can but without tuning 142hp, and with a power commander and tuned 180hp.

    That's extreme, but illustrates the possibilities. If you're not sure, get a dyno run with mixture (lean/rich) test (only about $60-80). That'll tell you if the tune goes wrong at any point because of the new can. Then you can have it adjusted by the factory adjuster screw, or plug in a power commander (or similar) to get more adjustments.
  5. Im having teh same prob with my 07 Z750. I want a can, but can't seem to get any accurate info on what effect it will have. I have seen lots of people online who have pipes & no one seems to be saying anything bad, but I like to know before I spend teh $ . I got the 1000K service yesterday & asked the dealer, they didnt really know what effect it would have . I think I am just gonna do it.Let me know how yours goes. How much are you paying for the remus out of interest?
  6. Sorry to re-hash an old post guys and gals, but I too have an 07 z750 that's begging for an aftermarket can. Did anyone have any luck getting some info on whether or not its worth doing? Was a re-tune necessary?

  7. According to Remus website, smooths the power curve
    and goes from 109.3 -> 111.2kw. Dyno chart there.
  8. i've got a leo vince on the way & am not planning on any re-tuning, I have talked to a few people overseas & it seems just like a normal slip on thing, except that you have to undo the 2 cables as well. Anyone who has put one on their 07 Z750 post some pics up!!!
  9. :grin: hi guys! i've readed this mesage and i'll can explain you all that i say about this problem 'cause i'm a member of the z-italy community (all the people with Z1000 - z750 kawa) and in one forum i've readed about it...
    but i've to translate and post all...tomorrow i'll think i can write here if you want...ok? :)