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Fitting a helmet

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ricomac, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. How should a helmet feel? I bought one a few weeks ago and it feels small. The shop said that it will mould to my head over time. Just is a bit tight on the jaw. No probs getting it on and off though.

  2. needs to be tight, the shop was right. but it shouldn't be uncomfortable either. tight around the jaw is ok, around the skull is not tho.

    if its still real bad after a few thousand kays, you might have consider a different size/brand
  3. If it starts giving you a headache being so tight or you feel pressure on any particular part of your head you might need to get some padding added/removed because it will become a pain if it continues.

    The tightness around the jaw should go away when the padding and the foam mould to your head shape
  4. hey coconuts

    its not read bad. only bothered me after about 30-45mins on the road. but i have only worn it 2.

    the shop was pulling the helmet from the back when it was on my head. what is that test for?
  5. hi ricomac- I've just been through a similar thing, bought a helmet from p/stevens- after the first few rides I thought it was too small and I'd just bought an expensive paperweight.

    I've had it for a few weeks now, and it fits like a glove!
    Perfect size. It feels almost like the next size up felt in the store.

    Not sure if the 'break in period' varies too much between manufacturers, I've got a shoei, others may not give as much/ give more???

    hope this helps.
  6. That makes me feel a lot better!!! Hope it is the same for me. I spent $300 on a HJC C14. Nice helmet. I'll update you after a few more rides!!
  7. probably to check for movement.

    stick with it, they're all tight to start with :grin:
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  11. Yeah give it some time like the others have said. My KBC VR-1 was alittle tight around the jaw to begin with. However after a few thousands K's (especially the Melbourne run in which it was on my head for about 25 hours over 2 days) it'll feel really nice. There should still not be very much fore/aft and left/right movement, however, the tightness should be gone.

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  14. Depends if it a second hand one or not and the size of the previous owners head :LOL:
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  17. I have been told the padding should be firm enough sso when you bite ddown you just bite the inde of your mouth.

    One thing i can tell you, is leave the helmet on for ages in the shop, move around - you want to make sure your helemet fits and is unoticable as possible.
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