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Fitting a flashing LED tail/break light to a GS500

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rbarge, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. I was behind a BMW bike today and it had a really cool flashing LED rear/break light. Do anyone know if these can be retrofitted to other bikes ?

  2. How about you just buy a BMW?
    Ever heard the phrase 'no sense polishing a turd'.
  3. Try http://gstwins.com/gsboard/

    I remember they had a long thread on this topic.
  4. I'm not sure that flashing lights on a bike are legal. Certainly not if they're aftermarket ones.

    Do you really want to make yourself into a target?

  5. Bit harsh don't you think? Not everybody is made of money.

    rbarge: What year is your GS? The newer ones have the nice ducktail and it shouldn't be too hard to fit an LED kit and indicators. Have a look on UK websites for GS aftermarket parts etc as they were/are pretty big over there. Don't let anyone tell you any crap about GS's. They are cheap, reliable, easy to ride and can still break all the speed limits in Qld. They were never designed to be "CBRZXRVTRRRRRRRR's" so don't worry about people who think your bike is as good as the price.

  6. Harsh? Maybe. Realistic? Most certainly.
    Spending money on such trivial and useless modifications is a complete waste. If you wanted bling, should've just bought a better bike.
  7. Not into bling. But when I was behind the BMW the flashing break light stood out a mile, so it was more to alert sleepy drivers in the morning traffic that I was stopping.

    I agree it great for getting to and from work, whats the point in spending $$$ just to see it go down the drain as the K's quickly build up :)

    It's a 98 GS500E.


    found this http://www.flashalert.com/flashalert.htm
    Seems like a cheap option.
    But is it legal?
  8. Don't shoot the messenger here, but

    In Victoria it is against the law to display any flashing lights except directional indicator lights unless you are driving an emergency vehicle.

    PM me if you need more info...
  9. Was it actually a flashing brake light? Or was it just a bright LED on the BMW?
  10. It was a flashing LED. It started flashing quickly when you first break then the flashing slows until it become a solid light.
    Maybe the short period of flashing is how they get around the law.
  11. I saw a guy this morning on a bike a HD to be exact and he had a flashing break light but it went solid when he braked and flashed as he rode.
  12. Mate I really don't know about the flashing. Might be good but it could also be a "no-no". I think bright LED indicators / brake lights could be an advantage. I'd like to change mine to LED if it was practicle and not too expensive.
  13. When eye level brake lights started to appear in cars in the late 80's an electronics kit appeared in Electronics Australia Magazine (yes, I'm old enough to have brought EA) to make an eye level brake light which flashed a couple of times and then stayed on.

    I know on the Tulla Freeway driving home each night when I catch up to the queue for the merge I tap the brakes a couple of times to make sure the car (& others behind them paying attention) realise the freeway is about to go from 100 to 20km/h in a hurry.

    I think lights which flash automatically would be considered illegal and by illegal I mean not lawful, as opposed to a sick bird (ill eagle).
  14. I'll say it again:

  15. You can buy led cluster bulbs that fit straight into the original light bulb sockets I have seen them on ebay
  16. I think those flashing rear lights on push bikes are illegal but nobody pulls them over, doubt if anyone out be to bothered by a flashing break light.
  17. I saw one of those 'flash-then-solid-on' tailights on a Goldwing. I have to say legal or not, it was very effective. I go through a tunnel (Graham Farmer Freeway), each morning, and every other day at the entrance some genius rams someone up the arse. I flash my brakelights like a mad thing where the traffic slows down, but it's still bloody dodgy. I would consider one of these. I'd rather cop a small fine than an arse full of revolving machinery.
  18. Are the actually flashing from a legal point of view? Because the tail light is always on then are just getting brighter/dimmer and not flashing on and off.