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Fitting a fibreglass solo seat

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by kols_kebabs, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Hey fellas,

    I've been planning a basic cafe racer project for a long time. I'm looking at buying some basic dodge 250 (cheap rego) in the summer and doing it up. Fitting aftermarket bars etc... is no problem.

    However I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to mount some sort of solo seat, wherether I buy a fibreglass example, or make my own.

    I'm looking for advice from anyone who has mounted their own seat before, whether for a race bike, or any sort of project.

    My current theory is, if you can visualise this, remove original seat, remove all unnecessary bracket, trim and reinforce the subframe if necessary, and then weld in place on top of the subframe, a solid flat steel pan. Or just weld in place a few horizontal strips of steel across the subframe, so I still have access to the battery box underneath. IDK, depends on the bike. Mabye a hinged steel base would do the trick.

    The purpose of this welded steel base ofcourse is so I can then drill holes through it to secure the seat base. Drill a few holes through the fibreglass seat, paint and upholster it with the seat bolts through it, mount, enjoy.

    Am I approaching this the right way? I have no experience with welding, fibreglass, or anything like this. Any words of experience?
  2. Hi kk. I've been meaning to reply to your post in my thread but haven't gotten around to it. There's a few pictures in there of what I have done with my seat. Here's some more taken before I took it to the upholsterer. I bought the seat on eBay and made the frame.

    It's 1/2" RHS that I hand bent to fit inside the seat. The bending is easy with a vice. The hinge pick-ups are 13 x 4mm or so strip. The lock pin is 1/2" round bar. The fibreglass seat wasn't long enough so the front is 15mm plywood (5ply). I cut this out around the rear tank rubber and screwed the arch on top of it for the upholstery to attach to. So I built the frame and then went to the upholsterer. He said it would be easier if he could staple to the frame. Other than that he seemed reasonably happy. To attach the vinyl to the frame I'll have 6 pieces of aluminium strip 11 x 30 x 2.4 down each side that I'll pop-rivet onto the frame and will sandwich the vinyl. If you're not going to upholster it yourself you could find an upholsterer first and talk to him about what you plan. You might get some tips that could save you some money.

    I was determined not to cut the frame. I did have to cut the helmet hooks off and I also squashed the back of the frame together to get the seat as far forward as possible (because the seat frame sits over the loop on the back of the frame).