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Fitted tomtom to hyosung!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by oohsam, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Hey all
    Got a tomtom one, so i can do itenery planning. Anyway.
    Orded ram mount parts from Jonny appleseed. THey arrived and i fitted it
    Its great.
    Will take better pics of the mount etc.

  2. YAY!!!

    You just doubled the value of the Hyosung :rofl:

    How will you go if it rains? The TT_One isn't waterproof??
  3. Shoulda got a RAM-xxxx - AQ6U :wink:

    :LOL: And VIC (tongue in cheek) agree 100% :LOL:
  4. OH you mean the aqua box
    I wouldn't padlock it anyway, cause osmeone will work out how to bust it and steal my tomtom.
    If it rains its ok, it'll just pull over and take it off and put it in my pocket.
    I know where im going most of the time, its more for planning trips and leading a pack of riders. And on the odd occasion when i dont kno where im goin...

    From the top pocket of my jacket with volume on full i can hear the instructions easily on wher to turn!

  5. I need to get myself one of those.
  6. that looks so at home, how much did the mounts set you back?
  7. Yeah its great. Perfect positioning.
    I paid 90 dollars for the mount. It comes in a few differnt peices. I found Johnny appleseed the best place. THey sent it from their qld office, becuase they didnt have the tomtom one holder part in stock in melbourne.
    I got it in 3 days! And did it all from the phone.

    The ram mount site has so much info on parts etc, and the dudes at johnny appleseed are great.

    The only gripe i have, is when removing the tomtom you have to be careful becuase it sorta jumps out when you unclp it...nearly dropped it a few times. I now use my helet as a net and it unclips into my helmet!

    I really need to take closer photos and show yall how good it is.