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Fitment of Boots and Leather pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BoostJunky, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. I just picked up a pair of Blaster 2.0 leather pants yesterday and the knee armour sits below my knee while standing and looks kinda funny. Is this how they are supposed to be? It seems to sit in the proper position when im on the bike.

    As for boots, I tried on about 4 pairs and found that none of them held my heel at all! I could move it up and down about 2 inches and yet my toes were at the end and front of my foot squeezed tight. Any suggestions?
  2. There are strap on dirt pads which might make you feel abit safer. Shop around for different boot sizes. Try different brands, make sure they are comfortable and hold your heel.
  3. Sounds like you got duck feet.

    Are you a good swimmer?

  4. Yep that's normal, cos if they were in the right place when standing they'd be in the wrong place when on the bike.
  5. So if he falls off he should remember to stay crouched. :grin:
  6. much more likely to hit hard things when in the crouched position
  7. I would have thought that the armour should be held in place over the knee both standing and crouching - at least that's how mine are. Btw, my pants are bl**dy tight so the armour can't really move at all once the pants are finally on and zipped up. They do sit a _tad_ lower when I'm on my bike with my toes on pegs, but still are pretty much over my knee. I also position the armour over my knee before doing up the calf zips - it seems to make the armour sit better although it makes it harder to do up the zips cause I've got big fatty calves. I zip the fly last. You might also need to stretch the pants a little so that you can pull the armour up over your knee while standing, I needed to do that because they were too small/tight initially. Good luck :)
  8. OK - really dumb question coming, but how do you effectively stretch leather. I have a set of touring pants that bunch up behind my knees and are too tight around the mid-calf area. Can I stretch this and if so, how?
  9. knees that bunch and tight calves.

    Hi guys. Im a motorcycle apparel repairs specialist.

    Leather can be streatched to fit but this will take time, a lot of leather conditoner and healthy elbowgrease.
    You can have your garment altered. I feel this is a much better option as you are more comfortable straight away and the rest of the streatching is just breaking in and conforming to your body. :grin:
  10. I have stretched them by wearing them and riding in them. I could not even do them up at the waist when I first got them. Initially the pants kind of forced my legs outwards from the tank due to tightness, but by forcing my knees into the tank to grip it over a few long rides they slowly loosened up. I have also heard of people wetting leather to stretch it out but I didn't like the idea in case of mould (or suchlike :D) developing. It may work well, but I can't comment on it.

    My pants can pinch behind my knees but I find this depends on how I have adjusted the pants when putting them on. Your pants will stretch over time, but it can be hard work, probably even more so if they are full leather tourers (mine have keprotec in some areas which helps). I guess it just depends on how much effort (and discomfort) you are willing to go through. I only did it because it was a brand new collins two-piece suit I scored for 200 bucks. It took a fair bit of work, but riding in it (long rides) and forcing against the tightness of the leather has stretched it and it now fits like a second skin. To answer your question about stretching leather, that was my experience, hope it helps you but dunno if it is the most effective. As was suggested, you could get them altered instead of stretching them. I imagine the seams would be unpicked and a leather insert would be stitched in. No idea how much it costs though.
  11. Thanks for that.

    Catcando - what would you charge (hypothetically) to cut out the backs of the knees and insert a more flexible material that won't bunch up?
  12. Vanman that really does depend on the job. Id probably suggest that very firm elastic that you so often see behind the knees now, if we took out some of the leather. It takes out a lot of the buch whilst sitll giving you soft flexability if you need the extra give.
    A very rough estimate would be about $65 not having seen the job.

    If youd like to discuss more detail please private message me. I cant initiate because i dont have 15 posts.