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Fit your towbar, and start towing

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by vortexau, Apr 9, 2010.

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    Caravan and boat- that's the spirit:
    [URL="]Scooter caravan,Lambretta (YouTube) [/URL]

  2. Thats awesome I want a caravan for the madass.
  3. You have to admire the determination of that Lam-rider. I'm aboard a Suzuki AN650A and I only tow a light luggage trailer.

    and in case you ask "How light?" . . . I can lift the rear of the trailer off the ground while the coupling at the front is fixed to the Burgman. The coupling load measured 11kg, which is a good figure with the recommended load being from 10kg to 15kg (and a Max of 20kg).
  4. I sense you are trying to convert netrider to your trailer-towing ways vortexau :LOL:

    But for camping, I wouldnt want to mess around with a trailer and 2 wheeled vehicle. I know that video is from britain which is hardly the outback, but can you imagine trying to pull a trailer up a dirt trail using a vehicle you have to balance?

    I nearly bought a Mitsubishi Delica years ago with that in mind, but went with a station wagon for city practicality.

    If I wanted to do some serious camping Id skip those light truck conversions and go with something like a land cruiser troop carrier or delica.
  5. Not really. But I do endevour to wake up riders to the fact that strapping on a heavy load to the rear, and filling the topbox to capacity, is not the only way to take practical items with one on tour.
    So, HOW MANY would actually be riding a scooter "up a dirt trail"? I know, I wouldn't!
    As to using a DualSport (we're in the WRONG Forum Category here)- why not checkout Posts #14,15 from the following:
    ADVrider- Dual Sport Trailer????

    We have a 8'x4' Easy Trailer to which I'm currently adapting an OzTrail Camper Trailer top. This tows behind our Hyundai Lantra wagon.

    It must be great to have sufficient funds to ALSO own an Off-Roader camper setup!!!!!

    But its still practical to do light camping aboard a Maxiscooter, or even with a traditional scooter. There has long been the PAV40, and its modern replacement is the Inder:
    Royal Enfield online store offers $300 off Inder trailer