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Fit an aftermarket quiet pipe to Harley?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Steve41, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    I want to fit an exhaust that meets local EPA nose regulation standards (100 dB on 5000 RPM) on my '82 Ironhead.

    I've spent the last few weeks to hunt for stock pipes, but seems to be impossible to find any at wreckers or the Net so I ended up looking of some pipes for after '84 Sportsters.
    Seems to be they are more common, than the pre '84 ones.

    Just wondering if anyone's ever done something similar before to fit an exhaust that was made for another version of the same bike and what would be the cons of doing so?

    Thank you!

  2. I've not done it to a Harley but I have been forced to on the odd Jap 4 in the dim and distant past. Poverty forced me to find out that a 4-1 for a Suzuki GS550 could be made to physically fit the later GSX550. The bike lost a little ground clearance but there was no detectable difference in power output.

    On the Harley, I suspect that the carburetion and cam timing are sufficiently primitive that it's not going to be too fussy about pipes as long as there's some backpressure. Frankly, I doubt if H-D knew much about exhaust design in 1982, so I'd expect it to run OK on pipes from a roughly equivalent bike. Physically fitting them to the bike might be interesting. I think the '84 cut-off date marks the transition from Ironhead to Evo. I would expect to have to faff around making or adapting support brackets but that's not too big a deal. Where things might get awkward is the fixings for the downpipes at the head, as I don't know if H-D changed the design between the two motors (I believe they did on the Big Twins but dunno about the Sportster) so you might need to do some improvisation. If the two don't match, the simplest option might be to make a slip joint between the Evo pipes and the head end off your existing headers and hold the two together with a stainless band clamp (not a worm drive clamp; you can't get the necessary clamping force) which you should be able to get from somewhere like Blackwoods. Or your local equivalent.
  3. If you fit quiet pipes to a Harley, most of the rest of the Harley riders will consider you a wimp, a poofter, a would be greenie, and generally a person worthy of low esteem.

    They'd never talk to you......... which might not be a bad thing. ;)
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  4. mobtled.
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  5. Being serious, Steve, you might want to talk to the guys at Moran's exhaust place in Gosford....
    well, it's an excuse for a ride up the Old Road, and they can do, for reasonable amounts of money, more or less any type of exhaust that you want.
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    So you say you cannot find any mufflers to fit a Sporty,have you tried ebay.
    Harley Iron Head | eBay
    That was supposed to be 20 or so exhaust systems for Iron Head sportys, its the USA, your never going to find one local. All you need are the mufflers if your headers are ok. The shipping will be expensive but you need to go where the fish are
  7. He rides an Ironhead Sportster. Real Harley riders won't talk to him anyway ;).
  8. Just shows how much I know about Harleys.....

    When was it they stopped having a hand gear lever and a foot clutch?
  9. Geez eh and I threw a pair of genyouiron '84 sporty headers and original silencers in the mini skip. Sorry about that.
  10. That must have been shortly before they upgraded the toolkit from a brick to a hammer and cold chisel.....