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Fit aftermarket tacho to Honda VTR250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by MeltingDOg, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I have a 2000 model VTR250 - great little bike but it doesnt have a tacho. The next generation did however come with one.

    I am wondering if any one would know if it is possible to add an after market tacho to this bike?

    Also, would anyone know if there are any computers within the existing instrument cluster? I believe there is a computer for ignition on some VTRs but I'm not sure if my bike is included (I dont think it would be as its a pretty simple carbi fed engine).

    I plan to remove the dinky, plasticy instrument cluster and replace it with nicer looking chrome speedo and tacho.

  2. It is certainly possible to fit an aftermarket tacho, and there is in fact quite a range available designed specifically for bikes though predominantly aimed at the cruiser market. Obviously aftermarket tachos for cars are not suitable, since they're generally not waterproof.

    Speedo on a VTR would almost certainly be mechanically driven, so again should be replaceable. But of course if you go making permanent changes to the bike, and remove the original odometer, you'll more than likely lose quite a bit in resale value as a result which is certainly something worth considering (I know anytime I see an aftermarket instrument cluster I automatically assume the bike's had a major frontal collision).
  3. mmm good question... i have the same model and the same issue.... but i find the rev limiter/governor is in working order so ...meh.
  4. I was in a similar mind set when I got mine, but it's really not that necessary once your learn to listen to/feel the engine. After riding it for about 2 months I picked up the appropriate sounds coming from the bike for the gear I was in.
  5. Some of the aftermarket digital tachos do feature the ability to keep track of total engine revolutions - which is actually a far better guide to oil changes than using the odometer.

    Other alternative is just a simple shift light arrangement using coloured LEDs - though this does run the risk of looking a but wanky and pretentious on a 250 (even if it is more practical than the shift lights fitted standard on larger supersports)
  6. Hate to dig up an ol' thread but I was gonna make one almost identical anyway. Just finally got to customising my 2000 VTR 250, bought it completely stock for a great price and I plan on keeping her now after our little drops. Emotional attachment so resale value is meaningless.

    I want to grab a digital speedometer/tachometer as well and wondering if anyone fitted one, do you have any photos/videos (can't find any) and is it accurate?
  7. the aftermarket instruments actually worth fitting will run you about $500.

    I actually prefer analogue displays, particularly for speed, i find with a needle you can get your speed with a much faster glance you can also see the rate at which the needle is climbing or falling, with a digital read out you just get number, and in order for that number to be readable the display has a delayed refresh rate so while accelerating your not seeing your actual speed nor can you gauge from the instruments the rate of acceleration.

    for $500 you could make a lot of small aesthetic alterations, or paint your bike, or upgrade your brakes or suspension, or fit a nice slip on, or get some fancy tyres

    if you just want a tacho you can buy one for about $40 stick it to your instrument cluster and run one wire to and clamp it to a HT lead.
  8. I'm fine with that price tag - I'm also adding a full exhaust system. I've already done my grips, mirrors, master cylinder, tyres, indicators. [Even bought personalised number plates]

    I've got a few things left, it's my first bike that I'm customising so I'm more than happy to spend a few thousand on it - just gotta progressively do it up. Spend each pay-check as it comes! ;)

    If you have any sets that are even $500 - I'm more than happy to take a peep.