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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    I have recently been bitten by the fishing bug.

    Anyone else into fishing?

    Anyone know of special fishing spots (Preferably in NSW)?

    And to all the haters, Talk about my fishing or F*ck Off!
  2. Actual fishing, or just sitting in a boat drinking beer and throwing bait into the water?
  3. All depends if you want good eating fish or whether it's just the catch!.....
  4. I prefer the latter. Actually catching fish is a pain in the arsk.
  5. There are 2 types fishing. One where you go after big or rare fish, generally a catch and release scenario and the other where you fish to eat. They are both rewarding in different ways.
    Having done both extensively I prefer the latter. Catch only what you can eat or return and adhere to size and catch limits. Enjoy your fishing, it will provide you with a lifetime of pleasure and you will get to spend time in some awesome places.
  6. Hooray for fishing. Get yourself some collapsable gear to carry on the bike.
    If in doubt use prawns. Just about anything will take a prawn.

    So many good fishing spots, so little time. I suggest you get onto your local fishing club. You will find they are as berserk about fishing as some of us are about bikes.
  7. Tried it once, I enjoyed it more when I ran out of bait. Actually catching fish really ruins the ambiance.
  8. I've just started hand spearing, a lot more fun than a rod and reel. Have you started using soft plastics yet? They can be a lot more effective then bait.
  9. If you already have prawns why would you need to fish?
    It only makes sense if you can upgrade the food you have with something better, and using prawns to catch fish is like using camembert to catch mice.
  10. That's cheating :)

    I'm into beach fishing. No snags :) Been doing it off and on since I was a kid. Love it.
  11. +1 .... I have a telescopic fishing rod which is great for packing away in the car or on the bike!.... Crap for beach/sea fishing tho!..... [-(
  12. Congrats, dumbest post of the day so far.
  13. I don't think he was serious. Well I hope he wasn't serious.
  14. For JD or on Netrider? Cos one, I can see, the other would be a stretch...
  15. rofl: you'r right about the latter.
  16. Well this is a fishing thread ;).
  17. The pack of prawns for eating I have in the freezer says "Not to be used as feed or bait for aquatic animals". Snobby bloody fish.
  18. Jesus smilee if the prawns in your fridge kill fish I'd give em a big miss mate. You gotta stop buying stuff packaged in Thailand, food stuff anyway.
  19. I just really got into fishing so it's more Estuary/Lake/River fishing then anything else. Keep and eat too. Been looking at getting a tinnie but can't afford one at the moment but maybe next year. Even with the tinnie though it wouldn't exactly change the fishing spots, it will just be in the middle of the lake rather than on the banks.

    I got myself a 1.8 metre Daiwa that pulls apart into 2 piesces (about a metre long), already toyed with the idea of where to attach it to the bike. If anyone has photos of theirs attached I would love to see it, help me out with where to put mine.

    I know what you mean to some extent, thats what i love about it, it's a perfect mix of relaxation and excitement. Kinda like a root with the missus, I get excited and she relaxes :)

    I'm not that strong of a swimmer so I doubt I will ever get into spear fishing, does look fun though. I tried soft plastics the other week but had no luck, the instant we swapped to prawns we both (wife and I) got a bite. Decent size Tarwhine a piece. Embarrassingly she got the bigger fish (but I set her rod up, baited the hook and casted the line, so it's as much my catch as hers :))

    Doesn't mean though that I still won't continue trying with the soft plastics though as I understand that it's the sort of thing that you need to persevere to see the results.

    It looks like we may need to organise a NR ride/fishing trip...
  20. I never bothered with 2pce for riding. Have a couple of telescopic and a cpl of rods that pull down to 3/4/5 and even 6 pce.
    Nitro make a 6 piece that will pull up a 100kg shark!

    Be careful with your rod. The rod tip will get broken in any one of a thousand different ways. Car doors, stepped on, pulling the rod up too hard/fast etc. Depending on what kind of bike you ride I have seen guys do the conjute rod holder. Kinda like a big pipe off the back.

    The hardest thing about fishing from the bike is how to get the beer there and the fish back.