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Fish tank appraisal

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by DrewMan, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Gday guys,

    Im looking to sell my parents fish tanks but I have no idea how much theyre worth. Just wondering if theres any fishtank connoisseurs out there who could give me a hand.

    Theyre all in very good condition but need a bit of a clean.

    Theres three tanks and they all have stands and pumps and hoses and heaters and stuff.

    They were for tropical fish.

    I'll get some sizes for them when theres more light tomorrow.

    th_IMG_5617. th_IMG_5618.

    This one has some rock stuff at the top and the water flows through it which I presume is a filter of some sort. Approximately 3 times larger than the 2nd fishtank

    th_IMG_5614. th_IMG_5615.

    th_IMG_5612. th_IMG_5613.

    They will be up for sale once I find out how much theyre worth.

  2. bout 400 to 500 bux

    bout 50 to 100

    bout 300 to 400

    i used to be pretty active on the cichlid forum a while ago, but id sell them on ebay as u will get a better price from the people that have no idea about tanks, if u sell them on fish forums, u will get all the mr know it alls (bit like this place) :D
  3. Is there anything you DONT know goz?!?!?!

  4. the 2nd tank looks like an AR 620, they usually go for about $450-500 brand new, give it a good clean up and u might get $200 odd for it if the Built in filter is working in top condition.
    The other well not sure, maybe $500 odd if you give em a really good clean.
    Hey Goz What Cichlids you have? South Americans or African's?
    i got a 6 ft tank with a few big south Americans in it :D
  5. I have Americans and African cichlids..Love my convict the best \m/

    That last tank with 2 doors looks like a 175 ltr? , where abouts are you? i might know someone who is keen.
  6. Need money for drugs?
  7. Surely a flatscreen would be easier to offload? :rofl:
  8. Africans
    dont have fish anymore, but was big on electric yellows/blues, texans, 7 stripe frontosas, venustus and so on

  9. hes in Sydney Sj

    and convicts used to root the best, good supply of fry for the other agressive bastards lol
  10. haha Yeah Syd is a bit far ..Good luck tho Drew.

    I only have one Convict, hes a nightmare to control as it is, i dont want to get him a mate so he can fully annihilate the rest of my tank...