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Fischer MRX Passes ADR Testing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Takamii, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. who will be the official importer in aus?
  2. $14 grand for a new one?
  3. http://fischermrx.com.au/

    and yes
  4. matches your helmet there chrissy
  5. Absolutely gorg- wait Hyosung? :|

    Maybe Ill just look instead.
  6. tail is way too high, and bottom of fairing is nasty, otherwise quite nice
  7. Specs look ok. Any journo's ridden it yet?
  8. Well, Alan Cathcart compared it to a Bimota DB5, which strongly suggests that he hasn't. :wink:

    I stand by my earlier question. If you're going to put in the effort to design and build something "exotic", why the hell would you use a HyoSung engine and running gear?

    I'm not impressed with the Meccano tail light mount. I know the 45 degree rule is a crock, but surely there's a neater solution.
  9. It's pretty ugly IMHO. A lot of potential, but the swingarm and heel plates look pretty Hyo-esque (UGLY) to me. Kudos to them for building it though! Nothing a few refinements couldn't fix. And the Hyo motors are better now, aren't they?
  10. I'd have to be pretty sure of that before I sank five and a bit figures into a bike. Thing is, at least Hyo are big enough and practised enough at the process that you've got a worthwhile warranty to fall back on that will probably work. Small, specialist concerns are, perhaps, less likely to be able to offer that sort of backup.

    Ah, hell. Who am I to talk? I put down $18,000 on a Ural sight unseen :LOL:.
  11. Tank looks a lot like the old Daytona 600 and 650
  12. Tank looks like it would give you an appendectomy on the first pot hole you hit...
  13. Predented for your convenience:D
  14. i was with the infamous vic at Sydney Motorcycle show last year and they had 1 there, if its anything like the 1 they where showing, ill pffft to that, me and vic where pissing ourselves how poorly built it was, the welds where shocking, i asked the bloke, why a hyosung, he said they where good engines, thats when i shook my head and walked away
  15. **** me there are some hopelessly deluded entrepreneurs out there
  16. aren't the 650 motors for hyos shipped straight from the sv650 platform? Or are they making their own now?
  17. in your opinion

    My opinion is that they will sell ( in USA )

    They are $8000 in the USA which is the main market, however saying that I have no idea of the costs of a main stream jap 600cc in the states to compare against

    actually an r6 is about $10,500 new in USA
  18. They always been there own, they've never used the SV motor...