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Fischer Motorcycles Now Importing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by modern_ninja, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Went and did a search on the Fischer MRX 650. You lot really don't like Hyosung do you? Anyway, they are now importing. Apparently there is a waiting list that has people recieving bikes in february...


    Someone get to a dealer and suss it out for everyone! Obviously i would, but they aren't in SA yet.

    Stats are saying 20hp(ish) less than the other 600s (or mid ranged bikes) from the big 4. Same as the Hyo GT650. Funny thing that eh? :D

    However, one piece frame, brembo brakes and ohlin shocks plus they claim it weighs a little bit more than a Ninja 250R o_O . Built by a bike racer for the expressed reason of going round corners really well not neccesarily doing ridiculous speeds in a straight line. On paper it sounds like it will do just that.
  2. Apparently they're $14,000, thats a lot of money for a grenade with fibre glass fairings...
  3. As I've said before, if you're going to the trouble and expense of building something a bit exotic, why not use a better engine? Not necessarily more powerful, just something that hasn't had the serious and widely documented reliability problems of the Hyo.
  4. The US rates below Korea in terms of automotive quality, so I'm inclined to agree with Stigger.

    I hope it works, but I seriously doubt it. I'll be letting others test the water for me.

    I'll take an SV650 with upgraded suspension thanks.
  5. I'd also be interested in something like that, although wouldn't be too keen to be the test mule.

    For what its worth, I just re-read the AMCN review of it when they were given a shot at riding the pre-production model. They really liked it except for a few small gripes about the widscreen (wind blast at 120km/h), the sidestand touching down during hard lefthanders, and the steering lock catching gloves. All minor, and all said to have been fixed in the production model. Overall they thought it was a great bike with superb handling.

    Be interesting to see the reality (and reliability) of them.

    Cheers - boingk

    EDIT: As for the engine choice, they were planning on using the Rotax 1000cc v-twin (ala Aprilia RSV1000) but got caught up in intellectual property row with Aprilia, who apparently didn't want to share engines...
  6. Isnt the little SV the Hyo engine?
  7. Nope...
  8. Well, it is... more or less. Hyosung were (still are?) a Suzuki partner and have been for some time as a parts manufacturer. Big jump to then go and make you own version of the engine, though.

    - boingk
  9. No it's not. The only thing they share are the carbs and shims.
  10. i like the look, not sure on the cost though.
  11. Throw a 2 stroke in the frame :)
  12. I suppose if you were mega cashed up you might buy one and throw out that piece of shit Hyosung engine and get something else in there...
  13. Its got more power than the sv 650? You cant really compare a twin to the inline 4s.

    Is Hyo unreliable anymore or was that just the early models.

    There is a shortage of choice in the midrange twins, so it may sell because of that.
  14. My god it's truly repulsive, I saw one in the flesh last year in Old Sydney Town........

    Sweeties this quote is so hilarious that I was convulsing with laughter...
    "Possibly the most important new motorcycle to be produced in America for many years" I wonder if the scribe has ever heard of Erik Buell?

    AUD $14,000 darlings, I would buy a near new supersport. I for one love to embrace the unique, I just struggle with the ill conceived......
  15. They are both 650 twins.

    and yeah, never believe American power figures.

    and all indication Hyerdung is just as bad as it's always been.
  16. I was mentioning the inline fours that the op mentioned in his post.

    The specs are the same as the gt650 so I would have thought they are right, plus I have never found buell to be innacurate and they are American.

    You got any evidence as I havent seen any recent threads on new Hyo and a couple of friends who have them have had no issues.
  17. The Hyo puts out a smidgen more power than the SV, whilst they are nowhere near as bad as they were, I haven't heard of a post 06 650 going bang for ages.

    The problem is that they aren't as well made as a Suzuki are much dearer than a almost anything to fix... My 650 with 84,000 on the clock needs a clutch and clutch basket(primary driven gear?) the clutch is $335 a SV one from the same dealer is $107 and the basket is $445.

    The only value they had was the LAMS thing but now thats gone I'm not sure where there market will come from...
  18. As far as I have heard, the only thing to praise on a Hyosung is the engine, it was everything else that had quality issues.
  19. Would that be the 650 that drops valves and ejects clutches, or the 250 the snaps cranks???
  20. whats the new fuel injected hyosung engines like, still going BOOM?