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first work commute and an interesting near miss...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smidge, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. i've had my bike for a few weeks and am feeling confident enough to do the commute from sutherland to pyrmont

    it was an awesome ride, good weather, not too much traffic and plenty of opportunities to get away from traffic and big trucks and various other things

    i know these roads really well so wasn't too worried...

    what i did find pretty funny though, was that the ONLY scary thing that happened was that about 2k's from work, i almost got T boned by a vehicle coming out of a blind side street...

    can you guess what kind of vehicle that was?

    i'll give you a hint....

    2 wheels, no mirrors, and the owner was wearing thongs...

    now that would have been a SUCKY reason to crash the new bike! :D
  2. a unicycle with a training wheel? :grin:
  3. hmm on second thoughts... :LOL:

    mmm i lvoe it how people "look". was almost at work yesterday, i was in the carpark (shopping centre) and approaching a roundabout. lady approaches from my left. so i get on the brakes a bit, just in case. fancy that, she pulls halfway into the roundabout in front of me, THEN decides to look. goes :shock: :oops: *waves*.

    its good your keeping an eye out too, coz this will happen, and often no doubt. we live in a world of imbeciles...
  4. the trip home was interesting too... i KNOW that camry driver saw me cause he cut me off not once but twice... bugger that i got out of his way and let him and his mobile phone hang out together
  5. When it is busy people get CRAZY. :shock: Today on the way to work i had a guy suddenly dive into my lane, no indicator, no head check, just a quick pull from steering wheel and he was heading straight into me. I got on the horn, kick his door and he swerves back. I yell out, what the f@#ck u think u doing??? as usual, "i didnt see you" No shit shirlock, absolute wanker. It is hard not to ride next to other cars when in busy traffic, i dont really know how i could of avoided this close call, im just glad i was paying attention.
  6. Easy - keep some survival space around yourself and don't ride right next to cars in blind spots.

    Should he have looked? Yep.

    Should you have taken the timeless advice always given to "ride like you are invisible"? Yep.

    Learn a lesson and move on unharmed.
  7. Yeah, that's why I like those heavy boots. Nice to hear I'm not the only one doing that moments like this!

  8. I had my first major idiots today aswell, first one was a van changing lanes from behind me into right hand lane at about 100km/hr in a 70 zone, would have come within 1m of me.
    Next one i was turning right on a round a bout, was in the round a bout and a old fella in a car was about to come on, he did, did not even look at me when i beeped at him. I am happy i was ready to stop, better than getting hurt!
  9. Also had a near miss yesterday. Only going 30km/h but woman pulled out on me after not even looking.

    But L's course braking tecnique flew into fine form and managed to stop before eating her door.
  10. it's true, there are idiots everywhere.

    But as long as we fail to blame ourselves for other people's mistakes, it'll keep happening.

    Anytime anyone does something stupid in a way that endangers you, it's a wake up call.

    Can you hear it?

    * tinkle *

    * tinkle *

    Good luck, and keep improving. ( I know I'm not "there" yet either )
  11. If i kicked a car every time they did something stupid around me i would certainly have a sore foot.
  12. Yeah, and I'd have been stabbed to death by now for sure.

    Not real smart if you ask me.
  13. Maybe on a spada where you can't exactly make a quick getaway
    bigger bike is Kick squirt and gorn.
  14. Good point.

    If I wanted to make a getaway from anything faster than a van, it'd better start with a tight u-turn ...
  15. the exact reason i am riding what i am, although it is a 2 pifty it does have a bit of get up and go
  16. i feel compelled to admit, "utility as getaway vehicle" factors pretty low on my list of must-haves when buying a vehicle.

    Each to their own though ...
  17. do you ever split? coz im thinkin u come within a third of that distance, to other cars. you know what your doing, but do they know too? same applies to the van mate, he probably knew what he was doing, you just didnt notice till suddenly "oh shit he's almost gonna hit me".

    i got a ripper on the way home last night. coming round a dual lane big bend, doing 70 or 80 and a car pulls out just around the corner. was night so he woulda seen my lights as he entered the left lane. so i change to the right to go round him, as u would expect, unless i wanna slow down to 20km/h or rear-end him. what do they do? change into the righthand lane :evil: f*cktard. they manage to do this as im passing, and going so slowly still, that their car is halfway across each lane, on a fair diagonal, when i pass, using the pissy lil horn to its full potential.

    why do they change lanes though, thats what got me. clearly im capable of going around them, and they didnt pull out into the right lane immediately, as some cars do if oncoming (but in the direction they need to go) traffic is in the left lane. and there is no righthand turnoff possible for 2km, its dual lane side of a hill with barrier on the other side of the road.

    but its ok, they flashed me a few times once i was in front :roll:

    we are not invisible, we're actually worth double points if they hit us, with invisible targets on the back of our helmets, which only cagers can see.
  18. You've correctly identified a f*cktard there. But ..

    Would you have been better off slowing by a reasonable margin, earlier on, to give yourself more options? Pulling out at all is a sign they might do something this stupid.

    Only you can answer.
  19. carefu, the constructive comment to preaching ratio is starting to get out of balance...
  20. Yeah, you're right.

    And now we return to your regularly scheduled viewing.

    > Insert standard litany of insults and complaints about other road users here <