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first winter of riding? read this

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by loki, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. whole new ball-game, kids
    the cornering methods you've been rocking all summer are going to need some tweaking

    the roads are staying colder and wetter for longer, and your tires will need lots of extra k's to warm up properly after pulling out of your driveway

    to avoid low-siding your new pride and joys, take extra care coming into your first winter, especially after just pulling out of your driveway

    it's my second winter of riding, and last year i learnt the hard way. the world of motorcycling doesn't often provide you with the opportunity to learn things the easy way
  2. can i add that not going across tram lines (except in a straight line), especially wet ones in the middle of deepest, darkest Winter is best avoided.

    a bit like the girl at the disco who might have a cold sore, but the conditions don't allow for a proper appraisal.

  3. +1 on all points :oops:

    Mind any sharp turns or roundabouts, all it takes is cold tyres + wet road + tiny bit of crap on the road + unwise amount of throttle to be on your ass.
  4. OP,

    no worries bro. i just park my unisured tricked out ride in my mums garage over da winta and ponce around town in the rexie. fist pumpers unite, yallah!


  5. ^ That was really off topic and in poor taste.
  6. I know, awesome huh? :LOL:

    That was obviously a photoshop'd image - that was a stock can on the gixxer.
  7. ^ HAHA Way to ruin a thread :grin:

    ermmm...safe winter riding guys!

  8. What a great detailed guide to winter riding. WOW! You might want to change the heading from "read this" to "why bother reading this." I can't wait to read your "complete guide to riding" novel when it comes out on a fcuking sticky note.
  9. Mate Loki was trying to help and I think its relevant that the warning is put out to new riders.. Why? Because every winter when its alot of non stop rain the amount of 'damn I crashed' threads goes up exponentially due to newbies not being used to riding in the rain and fecking up. If you think theres not enough details to the warning, feel free to add some.. You can't be totally against useless posts since yours didn't really accomplish anything? :p
  10. credit where credit is due, gold.
  11. Yea I'd be very careful on your first few rides...
    A four hour ride as your first on road experience is pretty insane

    Also have you had someone look at the bike? When I got my bike from a dealer (Second hand) it was running well, had just been reregistered and still had several issues when I got a trusted local bike shop to look at it for me, the brake pads where well gone, the calipers locked up, the front forks where in terrible condition, among other issues.

    I also had my dad ride it home for me : )
    Might be an idea to do a few short small rides before you make such a big step, it can be pretty overwhelming when your actually on the road the first time. If you have a friend with a bike try them. Also do you have insurance arranged, no prior riding experience and you don't want to hurt yourself, anyone else, or the bike riding home.
  12. Trust the drought to ease the first winter after I get a bike.. sheesh :p

  13. I finally figured out why I keep getting misunderstood (sort of) when it comes to what I write. I clearly remembered doing the :p icon at the end of my comment, but I've found out doing a colon (part of the icon if you manually input it) brings up fast find in my browser and swallows the rest of my text. When its at the end of a post I don't notice. :shock: <<<----I'm watching out for it now
  14. I'll say this about winter riding, semi slick "road" tyres WILL bite you on teh ass hard in winter. Sure, they're great in teh dry, and have good grip on wet roads if they're hot, but throw in standing water, sand, gravel, oil, and you're in for some fun.
    Go buy some tyres with actual tread, and enjoy riding in teh rain like I do!
    And for god's sakes, make sure you have 3mm+ of tread if it's raining.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. i don't think he's being serious, dude. it's just his sense of humour
    and i'm still going to pay it
    where do you find this shit, Twain

    oh, it's in the post, buddy. and i'll make sure i post it in General, just for you. :grin:
    perhaps i should have posted this thread in there too. from memory, us newbs were heavily outgunned by you seasoned vets when it came to cold-tire crash threads last winter

    i'm glad cold tires are so glaringly obvious to you, though. it's really swell. but once the disorientation clears, and your Bonkers-special crack pipe has emptied, you will realise this is the learner forum and wonder back to general discussion scratching your little Bonkers-neck

    God bless you, Bonkers the Clown
    and that's coming from a non-believer, so you know it's a fine compliment
  16. Whilst on the subject of tyres. Make sure you keep enough air in the things come winter. The tyre needs to keep the correct profile in order for the tread to work (move the water away). Don't drop the air pressure in the cooler weather, you'll be better off adding a couple of PSI if anything.

    Some people may disagree with the above. Good for them :)
  17. Yeah what I've heard from tyre expert confirms that - to maybe even increase the front tyre pressure by 1-2psi and leave the back at normal.
  18. +1

    And for noobs like me who buy a bike from a dealer ... DO NOT TRUST THEM TO HAVE PUT THE RIGHT PRESSURE IN THE TYRES!! :mad: Just checked mine yesterday 1 month and 500km after buying it new and found that front AND back were at 21psi, according the manual they should be 21 front and 32 back!! I really should have known better.

    Of course I might have a slow puncture and will keep a close eye on it over the coming week but the fact that both were at 21 is too much of a coincidence.