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First wheelie....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cbr1000_racing, May 28, 2007.

  1. Quite by accident....man, it felt like i was in a Boeing....the lift was amazing.....as soon as i realised what i had done tho....:-(

  2. I wish I had the power to! :(
  3. My gsf has the power, need to put a bit of effort though
  4. the first one is always by accident. keep em coming!
  5. i know what you mean mate. feels so damn good when its up on the rear.
    i usually ride about 20km/h in 1st and then full throttle and by the time it hits 8000rpm, the front wheel is up pretty high and i hold it til redline. the first time i did it, it was unexpected so when it got really high, i backed off the throttle.....haha good fun
  6. mine took no effort.....but felt good in a strange weird way
  7. Sooooo. who's up for new headstem bearings?

    Standard fare to snap the throttle closed when the nose starts pointing skyward.
    Not good for the front end (esp. if you have a heavy bike like mine). Maintain or drop off a bit and this will usually ensure a smoooooth return to earth.
  8. I wish i could get mine up! :shock:
    (In a non sexual way of course :p )
  9. yep... tried and tried so hard to get it up..... but no luck......

    ohhhh that's right I ride a virago! hahaha

    (I did however sat on the pillion seat and with my feet on the pillion pegs then tried to wheelie it :p ....... ohh well I guess some things in this world are improbable.... not impossible tho hehe)
  10. the key is Viagra dude, not Virago :roll: :p
  11. Wheelies are great but get old, wait until you can lean them and pull them out of corners.

    Also spinning the rear while in a wheelie can be interesting.

    Oh virago should come up about a foot or so with no effort.. (never ridden one but they are light enough) just bounce, throttle on off and pull on bars.
  12. I know mine will never come up....
  13. cbr250....not wheelie...are you being sarcastic?
  14. no, Just had a feeling its very hard to pull a wheelie on a 250 rite? So I jus think that even by accident, mine will never come up....
  15. you could make that stand up easy ;)

    just be prepared for tears when you throw it on the ground.....it happens when learning :)
  16. Yea,,,im still not really planning to do one or learn to do one.
  17. try standing still, rev to a few tho and let the clutch out. each time do the revs a little higher until you pop one. if you end up with very high revs and taking off rather than up you need to let the clutch out faster. it feels calm when it happens, kind of like, the wheel goes up but you're not moving....yet.

    tis shoddy on a 250, waiting may be a good idea
  18. don't be so sure...a guy I know down here has a CBR250 and he gets the front wheel up quite often.
  19. ROFL!! :LOL:

    You will learn to love the wheelie CBR1000 Racing! Forget what the fuddy duddys says about headstem bearings and fork seals. Bottom line - wheelies are cool!! :cool: